Professional Website Designer

If you have a business and need someone to make you a website I’m your guy. I have made websites for over 50 small businesses and also work a little in the graphic design area. If you are in need of a professional website for a fair price send me the following information either through text or email: Company name, email address, description of your business, and website needs.
We will repair professional websites for any business

Also receive a Mobile Website Redesign to get with smartphone and iPhone users.

Take advantage of our programs to get your web issues taken care of to fit your Budget

Each website we create is custom build, Search Engine and Mobile Device Friendly and
compatible with all newer browsers and platforms. All prices are flat fees and include
5 to 10 webpages.

Business Website – $249
Wordpress Website or Blog – $249
eCommerce Website – $299
Website Redesign – $229

I did not leave my large agency job to get out of advertising. I left it to start my own company and help small business owners like yourself grow their businesses. That means you will be getting the same quality service you would at a big agency, but at a more affordable cost. You will also work with 100% local individuals. We do not use design centers, programmers, or any other overseas labor. If you have a problem with your site, you talk to someone here in Michigan who can meet you in person if necessary.
I am looking for small business owners who need help building their brands. My services include:
Social Media
Logo Design
Business Cards
Other Printed Materials
Creative Consulting Services

If you are in need of a good marketing partner to help you build your brand or just make you look more professional, please contact me today. I would love to help.

I will build the first 10 pages of a website for you and set up a content management system. When wordpress is set up you will be able to make most changes on your own after.

I will set up basic SEO and help you with a basic plan to get traffic. I will also set up google analytics to record your traffic.

On the pages I can set up forms and the plugins that you’d like.

Made for a client who ended up not needing the site due to personal reason, so you can get this professionally made keyword premium domain/site for 1/2 price.
We all love free samples, and that’s what we’re offering you: a free site review.


One of our reviewers goes to your website and describes what they like and what they think should be changed. Then we let you know. No obligation. No credit card.


Simply purchase the number of reviews you want, and we’ll send actual users to evaluate your site. Then we’ll create a report that shows you how to improve the site’s design, communicate the value message more clearly, and turn more visitors into customers.

With all the money you’ve invested in your website, wouldn’t it be great to know what real users think of it?

Every Startup needs a Business Plan and that’s what we provide – having done over 400 Plans in 20 years. That’s why we are generally viewed as the Top Business Planning firm in the U.S. – BUT, we out perform all the big consulting firms – offering a better plan at Half the Fee, in Half the Time! We were recently nominated to the prestigious International Consultancy Award.

As a full service Consulting firm, we also do Videos, Websites, BLOGs, Logos, Newsletters, etc. – which is why we now offer what the other guys don’t – Startup Packages with all these elements – with savings of up to 70%.

All our Plans come with Financial Statements and all the Market Research data Investors expect.
Our Business Plans can be completed in as little as 10 Days [the big guys will quote you 30 days!]
We are experienced in all Industries – from Yogurt to Computer Chips!
We are a U.S. firm not an offshore concern.
We use only PayPal – for both our security.