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PPC for Amazon Everything Marketers Need to Know

Amazon PPC has really grown in popularity ever since it debuted on the platform. More than 45% of all the vendors and sellers on the platform have tried the marketing technique so far and the numbers will only grow with time.

For Amazon PPC to effectively work though, there are a few things that the marketers need to know. Marketers need to understand the basics of PPC and how to optimize the ads to get the best possible performance. To help marketers get started, we have put together everything that you need to know about Amazon PPC Ads;

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon PPC Ads

  • Amazon PPC

Amazon Pay per click (PPC) is a marketing strategy where advertisers create ads on Amazon and pay a certain set fee every single time their displayed ad is clicked. This marketing strategy is aimed at increasing the visibility of the products on offer and yield incremental sales.

  • Types of PPC ads on Amazon

1. Sponsored products

These types of ads allow sellers and vendors to advertise their products using keywords. By selecting a product and choosing keyword terms then setting a budget, Amazon will create ads for you automatically and target the appropriate audience.

2. Headline search ads

The other type of ad on Amazon are the headline search ads. They are similar to the ads described above only that they are limited to specific product categories. They appear as banner ads at the top of the results page.

3. Product Display Ads

These are displayed on the product pages. They pop up when someone searches for a similar product and Amazon will automatically suggest the product somewhere on the product’s page to draw the attention of the buyer.

  • What one needs to run a PPC Ad Campaign on Amazon

An active seller account

For you to create a PPC ad on Amazon, you need an active seller account. The selling account needs to be upgraded to professional before one can make an ad on Amazon.

Shipping information

All advertisers on Amazon have to provide shipping information. One requirement is that the sellers have to be shipping their products to the U.S.

Sufficient order volume

Before you can create an ad on Amazon, you need to have enough stock to qualify for the Buy Box auction.

  • Understand Keywords

Amazon PPC Ads are based on Keywords and all the bidding is done on keywords. To run a successful campaign therefore, one needs to conduct an extensive keyword research. . Fortunately, there are very many tools that you can use to research the most effective keywords for the product that you have on offer. Using Amazon’s Search Term Report, you can get long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are very effective in that they narrow does the search to specifics and they therefore increase the chances of making a sale as the customer is more likely to get the specific item they are looking for.

The other tool that you can use to get effective keywords, is the Sonar tool which is provided for free by Amazon. All you need to do is to type the name of the product that you have on offer and there will be lots of keywords suggested for you. Choose the most relevant for your product and use them in the manual campaign.

  • How to set up a PPC campaign on Amazon

Create a new campaign

To create a pay per click ad, you’ll need to navigate to the ‘Seller Central’ page and hover your mouse icon on ‘Advertising’ and then select ‘Campaign Manager’. From the ‘Campaign Manager page’ you’ll need to choose the ‘Create New Campaign’ option and voila! You have a new campaign underway.

The other options under this page are pretty much simple and easy to follow. Give your campaign a name, select the duration of the campaign and your daily budget.

Choose the type of targeting

When you create an ad, you have an option of choosing between automatic target and manual targeting. A lot of professionals recommend automatic targeting because the Amazon algorithm does the targeting for you. Based on the products that people are searching for, Amazon will suggest relevant products and this increases chances of the people buying the products.

Create a group name and default bid

Under a campaign, you can create a group of ads and it is wise to give each group a name for easier management and tracking of progress. After giving the ad group a name, the next step is to choose the default bid. The default bid is the amount you are willing to pay Amazon every time someone clicks on your ad.

Choose the product to advertise

Here you simply need to type the name of the product that you intend to advertise and you are good to go.

There you have, a guide on everything marketers need to know about PPC for Amazon. For more information and professional insights on the same, give us a call here at PPCHire.com and we will gladly be of service to you. We offer professional PPC services to companies and are looking forward to working with you.

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