Pharmacy: Reality Vs Expectations

Pharmacy: Reality Vs Expectations

The need for quality pharmacists has never been higher in the modern age where there is basically a drug for every condition and issue under the sun. Whether you’re just looking for some paracetamol, or something harder like lorazepam 2mg, you will at some point require the services of a pharmacy. As its name suggests, pharmacy is the science and technique of prepping and dispensing of drugs. As a profession in the health sector, a sector which is so wide it has a separate platform on dedicated to discussing it, it looks to act as a bridge between health sciences and chemical sciences. Given how cases of the abuse of pharmaceutical drugs are on the rise, pharmacy’s aim is to ensure they are safely and effectively used. It is a wide field which is divided into various fields, three in number which you can learn more about at, with pharmacy school taking up a minimum of six years after which a one or two-year residency is advised. Many people after completing studies and entering the pharmacy field usually come with certain expectations but do they match up with reality? Well, his article will look to explore pharmacy through this angle and attempt to answer that question.

The first reality vs expectation moment that hits most pharmacists has to do with student loans. The expectation is usually that even though one had accumulated a sizeable amount of student loans while in pharmacy school, once you graduate and get a job, you will be able to deal with and clear them fairly easily. This is not usually the case as student loans really are such a burden to deal with, more than most people imagine. The first reality check is when you discover that payments kick in almost immediately you hit the job market. Statistics on the industry, that can be found on, reveal that pharmacy students can accumulate up to $150,000 in student loans, a burden that, the reality is, will be difficult to bear. Given the huge amounts, payments may go on up to a decade which is something most people don’t expect. As subject matter experts on reveal, these loans also do limit your flexibility when it comes to taking other loans such as mortgages, car loans and others. The reality of student loans is one that bites and bites hard indeed.

After school the expectation is that the worst is behind you, after all, all those hours spent studying should mean that you get to relax a bit more when you enter the employment market. Well, the reality couldn’t be further from the expectations in this regard. This is because life as a pharmacist can be extremely taxing mentally. According to data by industry experts, which can be found on, those pharmacists doing entries in hospitals can spend even more than seven hours staring at their computer screens. This can get quite tiring, especially mentally with one struggling to even keep their eyes open. Life in the pharmacy industry can also mean being required to juggle many different tasks all at once. You will find that you are required to fill-in prescriptions, hand over prescriptions, have a consult with a doctor or a patient among many others which will have you occupied virtually all the time which just adds to the mental tiredness of it all. Experts on advise that one should spread breaks all through the working day to reduce mental fatigue. One should also ensure they get adequate rest when they are off duty to avoid burnout.

Most practitioners in the pharmacy industry agree that pharmacy school was very challenging, and this applies to even the most gifted of students. The curriculum is no joke, with the course load being quite heavy as well as being extremely time consuming. As a student you would be almost always immersed in books, barely having time to come up for air and socialize. The expectation after pharmacy school is that life as a pharmacist will be equally as challenging, and most people steel themselves for this. The reality is that most people in the pharmacy industry love what they are doing whatever field they may be in. The synergy that is created between pharmacy practitioners, nursing staff and medical staff makes the job extremely rewarding and fun especially if you factor in the joy one gets from helping patients. All that time and energy spend in pharmacy school is usually helpful in making you feel confident and adequate in carrying out your duties as a pharmacist adding to the satisfaction aspect of life in the pharmacy industry. The healthcare industry can be tough but the satisfaction one gets in helping patients makes it all worth it, and for pharmacists this is no exception.

This article only begins to scratch the surface on matters pertaining to the realities and expectations of life in the pharmacy world, with more on this and other topics to be found on as well as so ensure you give them a visit.

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