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Pay-Per-Click Google – How to do it?

Pay-Per-Click Google – How to do it?

To have your website rank top on Google organically, it will take you ages, too much effort and time indulging in research on how websites are put together. Let’s face it, the time and effort would rather have been redirected to running your business. Luckily, even if you are not a website expert, your site can rank high on Google, bringing more traffic through the use of Pay Per Click campaign.

How Does It Work?

A PPC campaign requires the owner of the site to pay Google a certain fee in order to have your ads in the top ranks ahead of organic ad listings. When a visitor clicks on your ad, you are listed to pay the Cost Per Click from the budget set. After the budget depletes, Google will stop running your ads until you replenish the money meant for the ads.

While the PPC strategy is easy to use and implement, getting the right results takes time and attention especially for beginners. Let us look at how you can launch an effective PPC campaign that will have your target clients visiting your site.

Create Goals For The Campaign

You don’t have to rush into setting the campaign up without having a clear objective; this may lead to a disaster. There are three precise questions that will help you have a clear vision.

  • Who Is The Target Client In The Campaign?

Always stick to the audience you are aiming to reach through the paid task. When selecting keywords and setting up ad texts, choose phrases that your target clients would search for and build ad texts that respond to their needs and wants. Be sure to fill in content on the landing page that pairs perfectly with the ad texts to make sure that visitors obtain quality user experience while still maximizing your returns on investments. You could put yourself in the client’s shoe; would the ad texts and content you put up attract your attention, spike your curiosity or even give you important information?

  • What Results Are You Looking For?

Determine and settle on what you would like your visitor to do once they click on your ad. Include the objective as a call to action in your ad text. Drive clients who click on your paid ad directly to a landing page in order to improve sale records. No one bothers to move forward if the process is complicated.

  • How Do You Determine If The PPC Campaign Was A Success?

It is advisable to ensure that you have set up a way to measure positive results before launching the campaign. Ensure that you have tracking URLs that will analyze paid search traffic. Analysis of the PPC campaign metrics will reveal what keyword adjustments you may need to implement and pave way for more opportunities.

Establish A Simple Campaign Structure

Keep leaning on relevancy in your ad texts. Build tightly themed groups of small phrases of keywords while ensuring that each ad text is relevantly matched to an ad group. Make the structure simple since managing the PPC campaign is a daily task. The simpler the structure the easier the managing.

Check Your Settings In Google Ad Words

If you are a beginner, you may want to start with the Google display network. The Display Network displays your ads across thousands of sites depending on the budget at hand. It also helps you place an ad right in the face of the right person at the exact right time and at the right sections of the site. Use local searches tool to make the best out of the campaign. Get to understand all options that come with Google ad words. If you are a local trader, your sales are mostly made in a certain area, it is best to customize your location targeting option in Google Ad words. Understand more about the Account language. Make it a habit of going into the settings of every campaign to verify that your PPC campaign is properly set up.

Determine If PPC Campaigns Are The Right Track For Your Business

After having an overall introduction on the PPC structure, determine if the strategy would be the right fit for your business. You will need to assess if you can afford to manage it without depriving your business. Not just financially, but also physically. Are you good to go with paying for advertising or are you patient enough to go in with the organic way? If you have a good budget for paid advertisements, are you going to spend entirely on PPC campaigns or will you set a fraction for other paid tactics?

PPC is an effective option for people who want to reach an active audience relevant to your business. However, as mentioned earlier, it requires effort, attention, and time to yield the right results. For this reason, you may need to hire a PPC management firm to help you with the campaign as you focus on building your empire. Contact us at to help you solve your marketing needs.