Optimize your Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns! 9 Most Common Questions

Without a properly thought-out and managed online marketing campaign, it will be practically impossible to make sales on Amazon. Amazon is full of sellers providing similar products and only those with a competitive edge in marketing, end up making a profit.

There is no better way to gain a competitive edge over your closest competitors than adopting pay per click ad campaigns on Amazon. In a nutshell, pay per click (PPC) is a marketing strategy where advertisers pay a certain fee every time their ads get clicked on the Amazon marketplace and it is one of the most efficient marketing techniques on the platform.

PPC on Amazon

If you are a newbie or a novice on Amazon and want to learn more about paid ad campaigns on the platform, then our guide below will get you started and help you earn more profits from Amazon. By answering some of the most common questions about PPC campaigns on Amazon, we hope you will have a better understanding of how PPC on Amazon and optimize your Amazon PPC ad campaigns.

9 Most Common Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns Questions

What factors affect the amount of money I spend on Amazon ads?

The amount of money spent on Amazon ads depends on three variables; your product’s price, your product’s conversion rate and your target advertising cost of sale. Your target advertising cost of sale is the ratio of your ad expenditure to the total product revenue and it ideally should be lower than your profit margin. Take all these three variables into account when estimating the right amount of money that you should be spending on Amazon ads.

How much should I spend daily on Amazon ads?

The amount you choose to spend daily on bidding will be determined by the total monthly ad budget you set aside and the number of Amazon ad campaigns you have running in that month. The daily ad budget will be the monthly budget divided by 30 days and the amount divided by the number of ad campaigns you have going on.

How do I change my default bid in Amazon?

TO change your default bid, go the ‘Seller Central’, hover your cursor over ‘Advertising’ and click on ‘Campaign Manager’. Choose the ad campaign that you intend to change and then change the default bid to the amount you feel suits your business.

Should the daily budget be low or high at the start?

According to experts, it is ideal to set the daily budget to be a bit high in the beginning as you research about keyword data and once you have a collection of working keywords, you can reduce the budget. The lower the budget, the less traffic you’ll attract to your ads. On the hindsight, if you spend too much on ads, your profit margins might be compromised.

How do I go about ad campaigns for products with variations?

Products with variations are a large bother for many a newcomer on Amazon. Unbeknown to them, setting up ad campaigns for products with variations, is pretty much the same as it is done with the other products only that the ad is run on a child listing instead of the parent listing. Create a new campaign as you normally do but when choosing the products to advertise, select each child product and you are good to go.

How do I convert the numerous clicks into actual conversions?

If you are getting high clicks but very low conversions, it means that your product might be lacking in terms of desirability. To change the desirability, tweak the price of the product, use better photos and improve the description of the product.

Why are some of my keywords getting very few impressions?

This simply means that the keywords are either not attracting enough attention or the market is saturated with similar products described by the keywords you are using. You can tweak the keywords a little bit and try rearranging them and wait to see if there is any change in impressions. If after tweaking the keywords there is still very little change in the numbers, then perhaps you should consider trying new products.

What does low impressions but high conversion rate imply?

Yes, there are some people who get very few impressions but comparatively, their conversions rates are very high. This simply implies that almost all of the people that saw your ad, ended up liking your product and buying it. As such, you should increase your advertising budget and aim to reach as many people as possible.

Where can I get good product photos to boot my sales?

Without proper product photos, it will be very difficult to impress your prospective customers. As such, you should get professionals to take photos of your products and edit them as required. If you are looking for such services, then look no further than Bitgale photography services.

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