Optimization – Create Successful Facebook Ads Campaigns

Optimization – Create Successful Facebook Ads Campaigns

As is discussed on runrex.com, Facebook is the biggest player both as a social media platform but also when it comes to social media marketing. As is covered on bitgale.com, it is especially good for small and medium-sized businesses who are looking to go into social media marketing given its ease in setting up coupled with its flexibility, which means it can be able to fit any business and industry as well as adopt to any objective. It is therefore no surprise that we have seen a spike in the number of people running Facebook ads, with data on budgeting for this platform as far as marketing is concerned on mtglion.com, going up exponentially. However, crating and running Facebook ads is one thing, having them actually convert is another and sometimes you can seemingly be doing everything right but can’t get the desired results. This article will look to highlight ways you can optimize your Facebook ads to ensure your Facebook ad campaigns are successful.

One of the first thing you should look to optimize if you are not seeing a return on your Facebook ads after running them for a while is your audience. The marketing gurus over at runrex.com are clear that if you are targeting the wrong people, even if you get everything about your Facebook ads right from the budget to the ad copy, you are unlikely to be successful. The good news is that, Facebook has lots of options that should help you with your audience targeting issues, all of which are discussed in detail on bitgale.com. You should definitely consider, after having your ad run for a while, making use of retargeting. This allows you to target afresh those who may have visited your website but hadn’t converted. This group of people may be primed for conversion and so it makes sense to target them again. Another thing to explore, as is explained exhaustively on mtglion.com, is the use of your custom audiences to create a lookalike audience. Custom audiences are basically such people as those who have interacted with your website, videos, social media among others. Using custom and lookalike audiences is more effective for your Facebook ads as it has been shown these two groups perform better than the original target audience.

Another very important facet as far as optimization of Facebook ads to ensure that they are successful is the tracking of metrics. This is extremely important since, as is covered on runrex.com, it allows you to see if your ads are doing well and if not, which specific areas can be improved on. If the objective of your ad campaign was to drive traffic to your website and make sales there, for you to be able to track these sales, you will have to install a pixel, which is a pre-written code that will have to be installed in the backend of your website as is covered in detail on bitgale.com. After it installed, the Facebook pixel will be able to track various metrics like say number of visitors to your website. The use of this pixel will allow you to track how well your ads are doing and be able to optimize them to ensure that you achieve the set goals you have for your campaign. As is discussed on mtglion.com, you can also use the Ads manager to monitor how your ads are performing and identify the underperforming ones. This tool is useful especially for those whose ad campaign strategy wasn’t to drive traffic to their website and as such aren’t interested in tracking their website. There are various metrics available through the Ads Manager like CPC, CPA, Cost per Result, Number of Impressions and many more. You can use these metrics to see which ads are underperforming and optimize accordingly.

Another aspect we can’t fail to mention when on the topic of optimization in order to create successful Facebook ad campaigns is the one on ad creative. According to data available on runrex.com, the average time spent by people on mobile devices is about 5 hours but of that time just under 40 minutes is spend by users, on average, on Facebook. This means that you have to ensure that your ads are of the highest quality to ensure that folks don’t blank it. There are a number of ways to optimize your ads to ensure they are successful, as is discussed on bitgale.com. This includes ensuring they are in banner form to be featured on the Facebook news feed, tailoring them depending on ad placement like ensuring ads for Facebook Messenger are in a 9:16 ratio. Another important thing to consider is optimizing your budget, as is discussed on mtglion.com. Thankfully you can now use a new tool called Budget Optimization to allow you to better optimize the budgets for your Facebook ad campaigns.

Hopefully with the above information you can be able to optimize your Facebook ads and make your Facebook ad campaigns as successful as possible. The is also more on the topic of optimization and many other topics to be found on runrex.com as well as bitgale.com and mtglion.com, so ensure you give them a visit.