Mobile Strategy: If you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting for?

Mobile Strategy: If you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting for?

A mobile strategy is a must-have in the current fast-paced world of digital marketing especially since in excess of 82% of prospective customers own a mobile device. Having a mobile strategy therefore translates to a winning formula for ecommerce since it means you will get to have access and convenience all in one place. As reviewed by, a mobile strategy is the way to go if you plan on growing your customer base and expanding your scope as far as reaching out to the target audience is concerned. 

Overview of what a mobile strategy means

It is common knowledge that the digital world has meant more people adopt the idea of owning mobile devices and performing plenty of the daily tasks on the same devices. This has in turn promoted the need for a mobile strategy due to the fact that mobile search overtook desktop searches by a huge margin. In late 2017, in excess of 3.5 million websites were able to report that 58.3% of their pages were loaded by a mobile device. This translates to an increased used of mobile devices in research and shopping. 

It is worth noting that in 2019, mobile Ad spend is set to clock $75.87 billion or in a more in-depth look, command a 72.1% share of total digital Ad spend. This, according to, shows you the trend of marketing and the extent of investment going towards the same. Experts in digital marketing have noted that a website being mobile friendly will not guarantee sales nor is it enough to capture mobile sales and this means you must adopt a mobile strategy to make the much needed strides. 

Tips in adopting a mobile strategy 

Invest in UX designs 

If you don’t have a mobile strategy, the first step to take is to invest in user experience designs. UX designs will not only make information clearer to understand but will also ensure that the data you have is easier for the target audience to consume.  

Integrate with social media, sharing reviews 

A mobile strategy cannot be complete without the integration of social media. Mobile commerce specialists at point to the fact that social media is part of the life that a mobile device owner lives. With this in mind, you have to be proactive in terms of including the social sharing buttons including the sharing of reviews to capture the target market. It is all about engagement since up to 71% of consumers will purchase after getting a referral on social media.  

Utilize location based Ads 

It has been noted that 69% of Google searches involved specific location and this means the prospective customers made the search through a personal device most notably a mobile handset or tablet. In a sharper outlook, close to 97% of consumers search for local businesses on their mobile devices and this means that your mobile strategy has to incorporate location based Ads.  

Trends shaping mobile commerce 

Social marketing with social selling

Mobile commerce is transforming the shopping experience that customers are having. A mobile strategy to be adopted needs to capture social marketing with angled social selling to make the experience worthwhile. 

Omni-channel mobile shoppers

As noted by, a mobile strategy will not be successful without considering the Omni-channel mobile shoppers since it stands as the mode to use in capturing the whole marketing cycle with multiple channels in play. 

Native mobile ecommerce checkouts

It is critical that a mobile strategy captures mobile ecommerce checkouts to enable customers have some flexibility and ease of operation in making payments and finalizing the sales loop. 

Mobile chat-bots for abandoned carts

A trend that needs to be adopted in building a mobile strategy is the inclusion of chat-bots for abandoned carts. This helps in building engagement with the target customer. 

Fast mobile page speeds

The beauty with fast mobile page speeds is that customers will have the best shopping experience and interaction will be efficient which leads to referrals and increased sales cycles. 

Local search

A mobile strategy has to include local search since most people consider shipping and proximity and providing a local search module for them is the best way to capture the local shoppers. 

Tips for an effective mobile strategy 

Mobile friendly design

This is a no-brainer and according to expert ecommerce professionals at, it is the only way to appeal to the prospective clients and hence create a connection with the target audience.  

Real-time tracking

A mobile strategy is a key element but it also needs some effective tracking and monitoring including optimizations if the best experience is to be realized.  


Exclusive, relevant and personalized content is what will provide you with an effective mobile strategy that will appeal to the target audience. Research to identify what the target audience goes for and lead with that. 

Mobile Ads 

Create the mobile Ads that will authoritatively represent your brand and also help customers discover you and your product or service. The responsiveness should be unrivalled and flawless to ensure you are best placed to impact the target audience. 


Multiple sales channels will give you the edge with the prospective customers since you will be guaranteed of fulfilling orders and speaking to what your target audience needs seamlessly. 

QR codes 

Quick response codes are not only convenient but also ensure more information can be captured fast and with a touch of digital inclination.  

Benefits of mobile strategy 

Better customer experience

It is common knowledge that mobile devices have taken over what ecommerce is all about. In this setting, adopting a mobile strategy is the only way to guarantee better customer experience. 

Phenomenal growth potential

Global ecommerce sales are set to reach $4.058 trillion by 2020 and what is outstanding is that a staggering 58% of this will be through mobile devices and this points to a phenomenal growth potential.  

Payment options

With a mobile strategy, you can offer customers the flexibility needed since mobile payment solutions are plenty including Visa checkout, Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, mobile wallets and more.   

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