Mechanical Engineering a Good Major

Is Mechanical Engineering a good major? Is mechanical engineering worth spending money and time in college for? Well to understand whether Mechanical Engineering is a good major, we want to take a look at what it takes to become a mechanical engineer, the economic value of a major in mechanical engineering and the benefits of being a mechanical engineer in America.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a discipline that combines physics, engineering mathematics and materials science principles in a bid to design, manufacture, analyze and maintain mechanical systems. One of the oldest engineering disciples, mechanical engineering is the reason why there are so many functional mechanical systems in the world.

From designing motor vehicle engines to aircraft parts, mechanical engineers are an integral part of any growing economy as they literally keep things moving as required.

How to become a mechanical engineer in USA

Earn a bachelor’s degree

To become a mechanical engineer in the United States, you’ll need to have an excellent educational background. Because of the dynamics involved in the engineering, you’ll need to exhibit good understanding of the basic engineering concepts and other fundamental concepts.

For those looking to become mechanical engineers, then the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. After high school, prospective engineering students have the option of completing a pre-engineering degree program which runs for two years before enrolling into a college offering accredited engineering programs. The accreditation is done by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology.

Depending on the college that one enrolls into, a mechanical engineering degree lasts either 5 years or 6 years. To shorten the amount of time spent in class, some colleges allow students to combine both the bachelor’s and master’s degree as part of the 5 year program.

Earn an engineering license

Once you have obtained a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, the next step is to obtain a license. TO obtain this license one has to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Examinations which are offered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. The requirements might differ from state to state but one has to pass the main exams before getting the license to allow them to start operating as a mechanical engineer.

The other certifications that are required include the one offered by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, state Engineering and Surveying bodies et cetera.

Reasons why Mechanical Engineering is a good major

Economic Value

Mechanical engineering has a good economic value. Mechanical engineers have highly valued skills in society and this can be seen from the amount of money that mechanical engineers earn by month. In the U.S, graduate mechanical engineers have a starting salary of $60,000 which is decent for entry level.

Demand for mechanical engineering skills is very high

There are very many opportunities for mechanical engineers in America. Mechanical engineers are tasked with building systems to run the country and this means that there are very many openings for mechanical engineering graduates. It is always nice to work in a field with very many opportunities as the options are very many.

Satisfying career

The other reason why mechanical engineering is a good major is because of how satisfying a career it can be. Mechanical engineering requires one to combine both academic prowess and learnt concepts to create, analyze and maintain mechanical systems. Demanding as this might be, it is a scintillating career with challenges that will not only test your resolve as a professional but your personal character.

Grow your career exponentially

There is no limit to as what you can become once you have a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree. As you accrue the experience, your professional CV will keep improving and this will culminate into better remunerations and higher positions. You can also opt to start your own mechanical engineering business with time. It really is a career with no limits and you can grow as much as you want to.

Engineers are the forefront of future technologies

Mechanical engineering is leading the way in the race to develop new and more efficient systems for the future using technology. From construction, transport, healthcare to industries mechanical engineers are leading the way in terms of developing new, technology incorporated systems.

Global opportunities

Once you are an accredited mechanical, you have an opportunity to work anywhere in the world. There isn’t a country in the world that a certified American mechanical engineer can’t work in. There are global opportunities all over the world and this makes it all too exciting.

So, is mechanical engineering a good major? From the reasons above, it is clear that it really is a good major and is worth all the time and college fees required to obtain a degree. If you are in a position to pursue Mechanical Engineering, then don’t pass up on the opportunity as it definitely is worth it.

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