DoubleClick Rich Media Fundamentals Certifications

DoubleClick Rich Media Fundamentals Certifications

Get your DoubleClick Rich Media Fundamentals Certifications in first attempt. Get all Question and Answers of DoubleClick Rich Media Fundamentals exam. Read Now

Which of the following can you do on the events tab in the Studio UI?
A) You can’t edit things on the events tab-you can only see if custom tracking has been added to the ad.
B) Edit the destination URLs for exits.
C) Both A & B.
D) Edit the names of exits, counters, and timers.

Which of the following shows the correct order for a rich media campaign?
A) Trafficking, Studio Upload, QA, HTML5 Development.
B) Studio Upload, HTML5 Development, Trafficking, QA.
C) HTML5 Development, Studio Upload, QA, Trafficking.
D) HTML5 Development, QA, Studio Upload, Trafficking.

Custom timers and Counters can be added to your creative by using Flash components.
A) False
B) True

What is the primary role of the QA team?
A) To assist with the development of RM Creative’s.
B) To Test how ads display on publisher sites.
C) To troubleshoot live issues.
D) To Test that ads function properly and meet site specs.

Which tool do you use to obtain reports to measure the success of a Rich Media Campaign?
B) Studio
C) DoubleClick Search

The ________specifies the stack order of a creative element. An element with a higher stack order number always appears in front of an element with a lower one.
B) Z Index.
C) I Frame.
D) W Mode.

In a typically Rich Media Campaign, which DoubleClick product would traffickers work with most?
A) Studio.
C) All of the above.

If you want to add new profile fields to your dynamic creative after the ad has trafficked, you will need to update the creative and re-upload it to studio.
A) True
B) False

Which of the following is NOT an example of a standard reporting metric?
A) Impression
B) Interaction
C) Display Time
D) Exit

If you want to show users ads in different languages based on their geolocation, you need to:
A) Set up a feed with different language data.
B) Setup a separate profile for each language.
C) All of the above.
D) Set up a profile field with different language data.

For In-Steam Video, assets are uploaded directly to DCM, so no Studio work is needed.
A) True.
B) False.

Custom tracking events must first be coded into the HTML5 creative before its uploaded to Studio.
A) False.
B) True.

The correct order when building creative’s with Studio components: You upload creative files to Studio first, then add components in HTML5.
A) False.
B) True.

Which of the following represents the correct hierarchy for a Studio Account?
A) Advertiser, Account, Creatives, Campaign.
B) Account, Creatives, Advertiser, Campaign.
C) Account, Advertiser, Campaign, Creatives.
D) Creatives, Account, Campaign, Advertiser.

Once an association has been made with Studio and the creatives have passed QA, Rich Media creatives are automatically pushed into the DCM (or DFP) advertiser-level creative library.
A) True.
B) False.

There are 2 ways to begin creating a Layout:
1) Through the Layouts Tab in the Studio UI
2) By clicking New Creative and choosing “From Layout”
A) True.
B) False.

Who is typically responsible for planning campaigns, buying media, trafficking ads, and performing campaign analysis?
A) Advertiser.
B) Creative Agency.
C) Media Agency.
D) Publisher.

Creative’s that will serve together on one publisher web pages are known as:
A) Hurdle
B) Roadblock
C) Hatch
D) Package

In the Preview tab, the __________________lets you see which events from the creative fire and get logged for reporting.
A) Output console.
B) Preview Tool.
C) Association.
D) Events Tab.

You can preview HTML5 ads in studio:
A) On your desktop in a frame that changes based on the target device on your selection.
B) All of the above.
C) On you mobile device by scanning a QR code.
D) On your mobile device by pushing a URL to the Google Ad showcase application.

DoubleClick Interactive In-Stream, also known as VPAID, allows you to display an interactive banner over a pre-roll video within a publisher’s video player.
A) True.
B) False.

Which file type isn’t supported by Studio?

What is the format for mobile ads displayed in an app?
A) Mobile In-App
B) Mobile Expanding
C) Mobile Web
D) Mobile In-Stream

Fill in the blank: Standard metrics come from ____________
A) HTML5 traces.
B) None of the above.
C) Custom event tracking code.
D) Studio components.

HTML5 ads can be built for both desktop and mobile.
A) True
B) ]False

DCM is a tool used to control the serving of creative’s to publishers websites and for reporting.
A) False
B) True

Which of the below allows you to continue to edit values in an ad after the ad has gone live and see the update in minutes?
A) Dynamic Creative.
C) Studio.

When a video advertisement is served into a video player that is part of a publisher website, which ad format is used?
A) Video Player Advanced.
B) In-Stream
D) video Player

In a typically Rich Media Campaign, which product would creative agencies work with most?
B) Studio.
D) All of the above

You can traffic a Flash and HTML5 creative together with a single ad tag in case the user cannot view one format or the other.
A) False
B) True

You will automatically see all standard and custom metrics included in your ads in DCM reporting

A) True 
B) False

A live issues are an unwanted behavior that affects a DoubleClick Rich Media ad when it’s placed on a test page or when the ad is live on the site placement.

A) Trafficking mistakes
B) Conflict between site code and an ad tag
C) mistakes made in the development of an ad
D) all of the listed answers are correct

Rich media ads are usually exported as

A) Internal redirect tags or Javascript/Standard tags 
B) Click trackers tags
C) Click-trackers or standard tags
D) Iframe or click tracker tags

Mobile rich media ads are served in DCM as

A) In-page placements 
B) Mobile placements
C) Interstitial placements
D) In-stream placement

Once an association has been made with Studio and the creatives have passed QA, Rich Media creatives are automatically pushed into the

A) A DCM or DFP advertisers level creative library 
B) DCM (or DFP) campaign-level creative library.
C) Trafficker’s Email
D) Publisher’s website

DCM is a tool used for

A) creatives agencies to build rich media creatives
B) Advertisers and Media Agencies to traffic creatives to publisher websites, control the serving of creatives and get detailed reporting 
C) Quality assurance teams to test that ads function properly and meet site specs.
D) Advertisers and Media agencies to buy inventory from publisher websites

Which of the following studio components is required?

A) Video player component
B) Expanding Component
C) Enabler Component
D) Local Connect Component

 ___, ____, and ___ are custom metrics and are not included automatically by adding the Enabler Component.

A) Counters, Timers, Exits
B) Expansions, Rich Media impressions, Interaction rate
C) Clicks, Average Display time, Average interaction time
D) Video completions, video mutes, video plays

Which of the following is an example of a custom reporting metric?

A) Impression
B) Interaction
C) Exit 
D) Display

Making an Association in studio links a studio advertiser account to a DCM advertiser account so creatives may be sent for

B) Video production
C) HTML5 Development
D) Trafficking