Marketing without a budget: How to do it 

Marketing without a budget: How to do it 

Marketing without a budget: How to do it 

Marketing is an exercise that needs meticulous planning and absolute consideration of all the elements that make it a successful venture. With this in consideration, it is always of core importance that every facet of the marketing process is budgeted for so that every element runs smoothly. But what happens when you don’t have a budget to handle your marketing endeavors? You can still pull it off and structure a marketing campaign that will yield the desired results with ease. As detailed on, there are many angles to marketing without a budget and some of them include:

Leverage communities 

Before commencing on any marketing campaign, you have to have a target audience in place and in most cases, the target market always has a platform where they take in information and learn more about products and services. It is the platforms that are referred to as communities and leveraging the same is what can give you the edge when marketing without a budget. When you leverage the communities, you get unlimited access to the target market and this ensures that you spend zero dollars on getting your information to the relevant audience.

Take advantage of existing traffic

The best way to market without a budget is to reach out to the existing co-workers, friends and family including the connections recently acquired and ask them to share and support your brand. This is a strategy that facilitates your increased reach towards other potential clients without having to spend millions in marketing.

In-Person selling 

An age-old yet effective mode of marketing without having to spend huge is to structure In-person selling. The idea is to go to the Fairs and local meetups including industry events and market your brand in person. This is by far the most hands-on way of introducing other people to your brand and business generally.

Incentivize users so that they share 

What most marketers have not identified with their marketing strategies is that there is power in incentivizing users. Providing an incentive that prompts users to share is a unique angle of marketing that ensures you don’t get to spend a huge sum. Whether it a discount for the users that share on Facebook or free cloud space for new signups as with what DropBox was able to, incentivizing always works.

Structure affiliate programs 

Affiliate programs are a huge success when it comes to the marketing field. You can structure tracking to discover and only make payments when someone makes a purchase through a referral program and this will ultimately save you thousands of marketing dollars. The beauty with affiliate programs is that you only need to initiate, turn on and watch them grow organically.

Work for Free 

This is most effective if you provide a service since a free service is a way of getting your clients into your door and it is after the experience that they bring others and thereby start on a marketing angle of their own.

Blogger outreach 

The goal here is to target the influential bloggers and offer some free elements in exchange for reviews and mentions. This is a very specific strategy that when done right can bring in some immense traffic that you can take through the conversion funnel.

Do Guest blogging

When you are trying to do marketing without a budget, guest blogging is an effective avenue to exploit. By doing quality content on websites that have your target audience you get free marketing which promotes your brand.

Target social buzz 

Social buzz has been the platform on which most brands have been introduced and grown. You can use Twitter as a platform to structure some social buzz using a trendy message which will ensure you have instant reach. The Twitter traffic allows for brand exposure and an added tip involves you claiming a hashtag and utilizing it with very post you make.

Host Webinars 

The beauty with webinars is that they introduce a brand and have the capacity to attract interest and bring clients to your doorstep. You have to brainstorm the topics people will want to hear more about and associate with before you start on a series of webinars.

Comment on blogs and forums

The key is to identify up to 5 top blogs within your industry and then ensure you read and comment on them regularly with informative insights. People will become familiar with your brand when they see your informative pieces which will result in free marketing for you.

Target niche influencers 

Target the power players and partner with them on a project. This will give you the opportunity to ride on the influence they have and thereby grow your brand for free.

Engage with target audience 

A way to market without a budget is to engage with the target audience through retweeting, liking, favoriting and sharing. The key here is to engage and talk to your fans which will give your brand a huge presence.

Target user-generated content

Motivate your target audience to share their stories and write about issues they are in touch with. With this, you will get them to share fresh and engaging content that will also popularize your brand.

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