• Plan, supervise, direct and train all promoters to ensure that all activities are conducted efficiently and that all assigned staff are trained, coached and motivated to perform their responsibilities in an effective manner
• Assure a high level of quality service and marketing practices which promote customer satisfaction and growth. Work with managers, staff and other employees to meet customer needs in a responsive and efficient manner
• Provide leadership by being a resource for staff members. Maintain a high level of product knowledge and customer service skills
• Foster a team approach and promote professional relationships within the call center and with other departments and branches
• Assure accurate tracking and reporting measurements of department activity and results
• Attend all meetings and training as deemed appropriate or directed by management
• Enhance and maintain the relationship between Statewide Remodeling and the business partners
• Actively seek out new business opportunities and coordinate with Regional Marketing Manager to submit proposal to VP of Marketing
• Drive leads directly from our business partner, if applicable, while continuing to drive leads from the marketing team
• Adhere to compliance procedures and participate in the required compliance training

• Promotions supervisory or other related experience with demonstrated leadership skills.
• Strong project management skills
• Demonstrated ability in coaching and development of the marketing employees
• Ability to learn, analyze, and understand business and technical processes
• Strong organizational skills and ability to effectively manage multiple tasks at one time
• Oral presentation skills
• Demonstrated Microsoft Office proficiency with Word & Excel
• Ability to work independently and manage time effectively

• Foster teamwork: builds effective teams committed to organizational goals; fosters collaboration among team members
• Manage execution: assigns responsibilities; delegates to and empowers others; removes obstacles; allows for and contributes needed resources; coordinates work efforts when necessary; monitors progress
• Develops systems and processes: identifies and implements effective processes and procedures for accomplishing work
• Commitment to quality: emphasizes the need to deliver quality services; defines standards for quality and evaluates products, processes and/or services against those standards; manages quality

• Foster open communication: creates an atmosphere in which timely and high quality information flows smoothly between self and others; encourages the open expression of ideas and opinions
• Training: ability to assess training needs of team members and determine appropriate training/development to transfer knowledge, skills and abilities

• Persistently champion change: challenges the status quo and champions new initiatives; acts as a catalyst for change and stimulates others to change; paves the way for needed changes; manages implementation effectively
• Think strategically: from experience and knowledge, considers internal and external factors when solving problems and making decisions; identifies critical strategies and prioritizes team efforts accordingly; recognizes strategic opportunities for success
• Analyze issues: gathers relevant information systematically; considers a broad range of issues or factors; seeks input from others; uses accurate logic and data in analysis