Marketing Expert for B2B Technical Services Company

We are a B2B technical services business intelligence company which builds Dashboards and Reports. We need a marketing expert that will increase our inbound leads. We are looking for an individual Freelancer with English as a first language. No firms or people that can’t communicate extremely well in English.

We currently have/want:

–Google Adwords with a spend of around $800/month. We only have ads running on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week.

–We have a mediocre SEO presence that could be better. It is difficult to target technical key words.

–We have a YouTube channel with 1679 subscribers. Users who are watching our YouTube videos really aren’t our target audience.

–We have tried LinkedIn, but it was really expensive with no results.

–General social media like Facebook doesn’t target the audience we want. We aren’t selling simple widgets, but instead technical services.

–Our target audience are CFOs, Controllers, VPs, IT Managers, …etc all over the United States and Canada. We don’t want to target developers looking for free help.

We need a marketing expert who will work with us based upon results and takes a holistic approach to getting us in leads. We don’t want someone that says you need to spend all this money up front and get leads 8 months from now. I’m not just looking for SEO to improve the rank of our site for a couple of key words. We want several approaches to get more leads.

What would your 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month plan be for working with us?

I can send our website URL after you send me your direct contact information along with a high level general approach. Not looking for anything firm until analysis is done, but I don’t want to waste anybody’s time with analysis if it is obvious we are not a good fit.

We’re not looking for a website redesign. If there are changes / tweaks needed, I am open to that.

Please no firms. Independent freelancers only.
Native speaking English only. Extremely good English communication skills.

Please provide your hourly rate.