Make Money with Shopify: How to Make Money on Shopify

Make Money with Shopify: How to Make Money on Shopify

It is no secret that ecommerce is where it’s at with the facts and figures from experts like those at indicating that sales from ecommerce platforms have been increasing steadily in the last few years, with this trend set to continue as we continue with this year. It is no surprise that people are increasingly looking to get into ecommerce given how lucrative it is proving to be for majority of those already in it. For those looking to enter into the world of ecommerce, then you can do so by joining Shopify. This is basically an ecommerce platform which enables folks to create their own businesses from home and use them to sell products over the internet. The reason why, since its inception in 2006, it has been so popular is due to the fact that making money over there usually comes with very little overhead. They also have a very helpful team that is always available and willing to assist folks that are looking to get started and create their own business. For most people who are looking to join the platform, the question they usually find themselves asking is whether or not it is possible to make money on Shopify and how one can do so. This article will look to delve deeper into this discussion with the aim of answering this question comprehensively.

One of the ways through which you can make money on Shopify is through dropshipping. This, in a nutshell, is selling something that you don’t have in stock which in basic terms involves selling directly from a manufacturer to the customer. By making use of Shopify dropshipping, all you need to have is an internet connection and you will be able to run an online shop from anywhere in the world. With this you don’t need to carry any inventory as all you need to do is fulfil your customers order and thereafter the difference between the cost you incurred buying the product from your wholesaler and the money you charged your customer will be your profit, as is explained in detail over at In order to set this up, you need to be aware of the different Shopify plans which include the basic Shopify which costs $29 a month, Shopify which costs $79 per month and the advanced Shopify which goes for $299 per month. You will need to choose one of this plans once the free 14-day trial one gets after joining Shopify expires.

You can also make use of apps that will help you carry out dropshipping on Shopify while reducing the amount of work you will be required to put in to maintain your store. Some of these apps include Sales Pop by Beekiting, Spin a Sale, Conversio among others, all of which are covered in much greater detail over at If you are to make money on Shopify, it is important that you select a product to sell that is going to make you money. The product that you choose shouldn’t be in a small niche product, and it should preferably be one that cuts across a large consumer base, you should also ensure that the target market for your product are there to stay and aren’t short-lived, that is in a fad market. You should also pay attention to end costs such as shipping costs when selecting a product to ensure that you only pick those products whose shipping costs if required are insignificant as compared to their overall costs. Finding the right products can also be through scouting competitors as well as social media influencers and finding which products they are selling or promoting highly respectively. These products are the one you should go for as they are likely to do well since they appear to be quite popular.

Another way through which you can be able to make money on Shopify is by making use of its Amazon integrations. This will help make your business more visible given how widely used Amazon is nowadays as is covered in detail over at Speaking of collaborations, you can also look to link your Shopify account with eBay which allows your business greater accessibility as well as enabling you to use eBay features that will enable you to accurately monitor inventory as well as other parameters and information. You can also create a blog on your business and products through Shopify that will help drive more traffic to your business and products by having more information on the same available out there for prospective customers. You can also make use of social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to market your Shopify store further increasing visibility of the same allowing you to make to make more money on Shopify.

As is evident from this article, it is entirely possible to be able to make money from Shopify as described in this article with more on this and other related topics to be found over at