What is Magic the Gathering Arena?

What is Magic the Gathering Arena?

As far as digital collectible card games and trading card games are concerned, Magic the Gathering is not only the biggest and most popular of its kind, it is also the first of its kind to be created. This means that it pretty much paved the way and opened up the space for the others that followed to enjoy. In articles that are to be found on both guttulus.com as well as runrex.com, its history is long and illustrious and it has continued gaining popularity especially when the game decided to branch into the digital world. This is where Magic the Gathering Arena comes into play as it is a variation of the popular Magic the Gathering game only that this one is free-to-play digital collectible card game. In basic terms it is a digital version of the original Magic the Gathering card game. This article will look to focus on Magic the Gathering Arena, going deeper into what it is and its gameplay.

The first thing we will look at is a brief history and the first time we had of the game being mentioned was way back in the beginning of August of 2017 with its confirmation and big reveal coming on the September of the same year. Experts on runrex.com were quick to note that the colors, sound effects and overall design of the games battlefield had an uncanny resemblance to those of the Hearthstone video game, a competing franchise. The first details revealed that it would be a free-to-download, free-to-play game with the incorporation of play rewards and in-game purchases serving to increase players’ game experience. It was also announced that in a bid to separate it from Magic the Gathering Online, the official platform for playing Magic the Gathering online with a much detailed review of it to be found on guttulus.com, the game would only give emphasis to the newest cards and game modes with the full card sets featuring in standard form, with an extra 1,000 new ones being added annually.

After the brief history lesson, as it should be since all this happened last year, it is time to take a look at the various modes of play Magic the Gathering Arena offers. There are approximately eight modes of play here, first being the free play mode. This mode is in the format best-of-one matches and it has different tiers with players starting at the lowest tier, beginner and advancing consequently to masters’ level via bronze and diamond levels. The next mode of play is called competitive play. This is also free-to-play but while free play mode is on the basis of best-of-one matches, this one is best-of-three matches with the added caveat of there being sideboarding. The rest of the modes of play are not free-to-play as to compete in them one will have to pay an entry fee which are in terms of Gems and Gold ranging from the hundreds in some to the thousands in others. These other modes of play that are not free-to-play are quick constructed, competitive constructed, quick draft, competitive draft, quick singleton and lastly brewer’s delight. There was also the announcement of a standard format with this and all the above modes of play being looked into in greater detail on runrex.com as well as guttulus.com.

The next thing we are going to look at has to do with the cards themselves starting with the starter pack where each player will start off with three booster packs to open for each set available as well as an assortment of ten pre-constructed decks details of which are on guttulus.com. The game also has tutorials for new players to aid in their matriculation. The game also has some exclusive cards which are cards that you will not find printed in paper Magic the Gathering with the exception of them being standard-legal only for Magic the Gathering Arena. Details of these exclusive cards can be found on the ever reliable runrex.com. When it comes to the building of decks, a player can be able to build up to 30 decks with the number set to be increased to 60 in the future with each deck having between 60 to 250 cards a number which includes the pre-constructed decks. The game itself has integrated filters which will help massively in the searching of cards based on different criteria like type, ownership among others. In terms of currency, there are two in-game currencies to get familiar with, Gold and Gem with both being eligible to be used to unlock packs, events and so much more in-game. The game also includes booster packs, draft packs as well as wildcards all of which you need to be familiar with.

From the foregoing, the game is going to an absolute cracker once its full release is out, with it having entered its open beta on the 27th of September this year. From the details we have of it so far, it is no surprise it is being so eagerly anticipated by the playing masses.

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