Looking for help with Linux, configuration management, or Python?



I’ve worked in devops and systems engineer roles, and am currently starting my own services online to make money. Those may not be enough for me ever and certainly aren’t now, so if you are looking for any sort of systems engineering experience I may be able to help. Send me an email with what you are looking to do.

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I wasn’t really sure what to put as to the title. More or less, I’ve been successfully working at a few different tech companies over the years as a systems engineer or devops engineer, by title. I have my own set of ideas with systems architecture and design. I of course have a lot to learn, but there’s a decent chance I could teach you something if you were interested.

Maybe you’re in school and know Python, but not how to deploy it and run it on a massive scale. Or maybe you’ve never been to school, are self-taught, and want to be asked some hard questions about what you’re writing.

Either way, if you want to meet at a coffee shop and ask me questions, I’m open to it.

What I could probably help with:

How do I handle zero downtime deployments?
How should I do configuration management?
How can I keep my services hidden on Tor?
How do I go from an Administrator to an Engineer?

What I’m probably not so great with:

Anything your professor might ask.

While I can help somewhat with coding (I focus on C, Python, and shell), my main background is in systems. I’m familiar with Salt and Puppet.

I’d like to charge you for this and make money for tutoring you, if that’s what you want. I don’t really know of a good rate. We can discuss that. Considering the cost of some courses, it should be fairly reasonable.

Let me know what you think


PS: I’ll take cash, Bitcoin, or silver bullion.
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• Programmers:
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Front-end: html5 / css3 / native JavaScript, libraries (jQuery, Angular, others.)
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL
Proficient with: XML, SVN,.
Software/Science: C++, C, Python, R
• Apps in ios:
Objective C / Swift
Frameworks: Foundation Kit, UIKit, AppKit, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Data, Core Location, Core Bluetooth, Core Audio, Map Kit.

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