Lessons from 10 of the Most Viewed Produce Videos on YouTube

Lessons from 10 of the Most Viewed Produce Videos on YouTube

Lessons from 10 of the Most Viewed Produce Videos on YouTube

The most viewed produce videos have several things in common that seem to make up the magic recipe that drives these productions into popularity. Below are 10 lessons from these videos that avail you the chance to learn from the successes and experiences of others to skirt the growth and learning curve and get to the top quicker and with less effort.


People are always looking to learn something new, which has propelled how-to videos to the fore. The how-to category is the second most popular genre on the platform. Videos on how to garden, organic gardening, how to keep your produce fresh for longer without compromising on quality, how to shop for groceries shrewdly, and such are all quite popular. The takeaway here is that as long as you can deliver something educative, people will be interested.


Those who manage to deliver educative material with a punch of entertainment rise to the top quicker. The combination of the two is a potent mix that attracts views like bees to honey. The entertainment usually comes from a fun personality or a humorous strategy of delivery. Humor on its own is also quite effective with the genre being the fourth most popular video category.

Solve a need

People desire to eat healthy, but for most, the taste of healthy foods in comparison to the better tasting unhealthy foods is a big issue. For this reason, videos that offer ways of making tasty food without compromising on health benefits have thousands of views. Thus, if you can investigate a need and produce a video providing a viable solution, the video will easily garner views.

Simplicity is key

The most popular produce videos are surprisingly simple. They have minimal post editing features; the language is jargon-free and easy to understand, the effects are few, the presenters dress normally, etc. Therefore, it would seem that a minimalistic approach is best if wish to charm an audience and convey trustworthiness.


After watching the top videos, you would think that you are either watching very experienced actors or utterly honest and relatable people. For the most part, it is the latter. Most viewed produce videos have a strong air of authenticity and openness.

Almost nothing comes across as rehearsed and choreographed and because of this, they immediately strike a warm chord of friendliness and arrest the watcher’s attention. Summed up in a sentence, it is as if the characters in the video are speaking to longtime friends.


The element of respect is easily deducible. Presenters address their audience with respect while maintaining a warm tone. The same holds true in the comments section, where even negative and scathing comments are handled soberly. Of course, not all the video characters are like this, but most of them are. Give respect to earn respect seems to be a mantra the majority of produce YouTubers follow.

Ask for things nicely

When a top YouTuber offering content in the produce genre, or any other genre for that matter wishes for something from their audience, they ask nicely. It comes across as asking for a favor from a friend, and most of the watchers respond. Often, it is engagement, a visit to their website, or a thumbs up. If you want something, just pitch a call to action in the direct, old fashioned way.

Depict enthusiasm

If you can put your points across with passion and a smile, you will get views and fans. This is not common to all the most viewed videos, but most of them betray the enthusiasm of the presenters regarding eating healthy, taking care of, and getting the most out of produce, etc. They seem like people who love what they do which makes them very charismatic and naturally attracts people.

Use music to your advantage

Just like in motion pictures, the majority of top produce videos use music to add flavor to the video. Usually, it is electronic or dance music with a soothing effect. Sound effects to accentuate video contents are also sometimes used, but not too much as to affect the natural vibe of the video.

Color schemes, titling and introduction

Green, blue, white and to some extent yellow seem to be in the majority of produce videos. Blue cultivates trust and confidence, yellow portrays warmth and friendship, and green promotes the calming effect of nature with white showing purity. The conclusion, then, is that producers may be well aware of color effects, and they use them intentionally to enhance the video’s message.

Titling and introduction also emerge as crucial. In the first few seconds, the presenter concisely explains what the watcher will gain by sticking to the very end. Hence, stirring the audience’s interest to watch more and making a good first impression.

The one thing that holds true for all the popular videos is that they are not boring, and that is the premise that should underpin any video you produce. To fortify your strategy and produce content with maximum impact, capitalize on authoritative websites such as ppchire.com which have great material on the topic.

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