Legal Templates

I upload and store various legal templates here.  I take no responsibility for use or misuse. Please consult an attorney if you have questions.  In no way am I establishing attorney client privilege. Eventually I will have an entire legal bank of documents here.

Sample Proposals

01     General Proposal Template  (Word)  (PDF)
02     Freelancer Proposal Template  (Word)  (PDF)

 Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

01     Non-Disclosure Agreement Template   (Word)  (PDF)
02     Confidentiality General Contract Template  (Word)  (PDF)

Service Contracts

01      SEO General Contract Template  (Word)  (PDF)
02      PPC General Contract Template  (Word)  (PDF)
03      Retainer Agreement Contract Template (Word)  (PDF)

Hiring Contracts

01       Employee Offer Letter Template  (Word)  (PDF)
02       Freelance Hiring Contract Template  (Word)  (PDF)


01        Contract Termination Letter/Email  (Word)  (PDF)
02        General Liability Release of Claims  (Word)  (PDF)

 Website Contracts

01        Terms of Use Website Template  (Word)  (PDF)
02        Private Policy Website Template  (Word)  (PDF)


01        Credit Card Authorization Form  (Word)  (PDF)
02        Copyright Notice Contract Template