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Learn to Play Magic the Gathering – 10 Tips

Learn to Play Magic the Gathering – 10 Tips

Magic the gathering is one of the oldest card games out there. It can be fun to play, especially if you know how to go about it. Without the right tips, playing MTG can become quite frustrating. That is why we at MTG Lion have decided to prepare these tips to help you learn how to play MTG.

Each play should be used to gain an advantage

Magic, just like Chess, is a game of strategy. It has endless moves but at the end of it, the point is to gain an advantage over your competitor. In most cases, players get too lost in the details. For instance, a player will play just to kill the creature.

That is being short-sighted and will get you beat if you play against an experienced opponent. Before you make any move, always have the bigger picture in mind. Each move you make should be geared towards giving you an advantage or getting rid of a disadvantage, no matter how small.

Understand your deck

A good sign that you do not know Magic is if you walk into a game without understanding your deck. For instance, if you are struggling to remember the number of cards in your deck, you are not a good player. To be a Magic player, you will need to be able to recite each card from memory.

However, it is not enough to know each card. It is important to playtest the deck as well. In most cases, if you just pick a deck at the store and go to a tournament, you will lose. If you do find yourself winning, you should know that it was purely by luck and you cannot play magic.

Think about every move

Just like chess, you should not go throwing your strongest cards at your opponent and hope that you will win. While playing Magic, there should always be a lot of thought to every card. If you do not take time to reflect, you will miss something and it will cost you.

Confidence is important

In Magic, the trick is to trust your instinct and avoid second-guessing your moves. It is especially so if you have playtested your cards. Confidence is not something you can fake. It is up to you to look for your success and identify with it. For instance, if you laid out a strategy and it helped you win, you can be confident your strategy works.

Understand the rules

In chess, there are usually penalties for making mistakes. However, unlike Chess, the mechanics of the game usually change with time. It is up to you to understand these rules. That does not mean you need to memorize the rules. However, you should have a good idea of how the rules work.

Play to win

The heroes of any sport are those that have a killer instinct for success. They may smile with you but when they get into a game, they are prepared to win. You cannot let yourself have any doubts when going into a game. It is important to be committed to the successful outcome of each game.

Always network with others

If you want to play Magic, one of the most important rules is being social. This allows you to discuss your playtesting with others and sharpen your skills with their words of wisdom. If you have a format you think might work, sounding it off a group could help you make your choice. A good place to interact with Magic players is online. This makes it easy for you since you can leave a message and get a few replies later. If you isolate yourself, your skills will never grow.

Play more

If you want to know how to play Magic, you need to play more. Even when you lose every single time, it will help you identify your weaknesses. If you want to get to the Pro Tour one day, there is no room for being casual about it. However, take care so that Magic does not interfere with your life.

Take breaks

If you play Magic too much, you will burn out. This will make it hard for you to grow your skills and understand how to play Magic. Sometimes, just take nights off and go out with friends. It is not okay to try to spend all your free time playing Magic the Gathering. It will give your brain time to process what you have learned so that you can understand Magic.

Always be open to learning

The good thing about Magic is that it became popular at almost the same time as the internet began to become more accessible. With the internet, you can learn to play Magic from almost anywhere. Even on social media, you will always find discussion groups that can help you learn Magic the gathering. Be open to ideas on the internet and ask questions when you need to.