Leading B2B Marketing Firm Seeks Fun, Enthusiastic Project Manager

We do online marketing for B2B clients, mostly in the enterprise IT, manufacturing, real estate finance, and construction sectors. We build and maintain our clients’ websites, and write all of the pages on the website, as well as create a diversity of materials for online distribution including blogs, white papers, checksheets, guidebooks, etc.

The way the business works is that our clients sign a contract and they expect a certain level of base deliverables, plus weekly ideas and advice on how to improve their digital marketing, and an in-depth monthly report on the performance of our work. Frequent, organized, and in-depth client communication is essential. Our most successful project managers maintain and update daily project trackers that they share with their accounts listing steps completed, steps remaining, delivery schedules, and other status updates. They also meet each week with each of their accounts formally to discuss the status of all ongoing projects in each campaign. Some business owners find that using a project management guide from somewhere similar to MindGenius could help with managing a project.

Each client campaign has an ultimate goal – to deliver an increased number of leads from SEO – and to achieve that we create a timeline with all of the goals and milestones, and the basic required deliverables, These deliverables are very time-sensitive and this job requires respecting deadlines and being creative when necessary to meet them. Oftentimes it is required to hire and vet outside contractors – illustrators, programmers, designers, subject matter experts, specialized writers, etc. Project managers must have the willingness and ability to staff up as needed to wow the clients.

We use Trello, Slack and Basecamp to manage our projects and make sure all goals, milestones and deadlines are being met. We have a lot going on and it is important that the people on our team have prior experience using project management systems and are confident in their ability to keep those systems entirely up to date so that the COO can report accurately to the partners each day.

Please note that this job has a strong people skills aspect. Project management requires understanding the needs of your clients and the people working for you. Many times you will need to research issues and lead meetings with the clients’ team and confidently persuade them that our way of doing things is right and they should trust us. If you apply and we like your application, the first reply you’ll get from us is going to be a few hypothetical conflict scenarios where we ask you how you would thoughtfully address it so that the relationship is stronger and better afterwards.

This is a 100% virtual environment, but the people who work here are very close with each other. We’re like a work family and we have an annual company get-together, people work from each other’s houses regularly to go out after work, and generally consider their colleagues to be their friends.

Pay is negotiable and competitive. We offer 401K and generous vacation/PTO. If you are interested, please send a cover letter describing your prior project management experience, including details like how many projects you managed at once, or how detailed the projects you managed were, what goals/KPI’s/deadlines you are expected to meet each week/month, and what challenges you face in meeting them. Thank you!