Why your Instagram posts don’t get engagement in 2018

Why your Instagram posts don’t get engagement in 2018

Engagement is everything when it comes to the social media posts and not getting them always points to the fact that there is something you are not doing right. In a bid to understand the engagement mechanics, you have to take the step to understand what makes people create that connection with your post. Engagement stems from what a person looks out for in a post and this means psychological orientation is what you should target as a way to increase engagement. Your post should compel people to engage and since Instagram is a visual platform, visual perception is what you should be targeting. So what are the factors that lead to your Instagram posts not getting engagement? Here is a scoop that has been underlined by seasoned platforms like runrex.com.

Lacking high quality videos and photos

Instagram being a visual platform needs to be fed with high quality videos and photos that will represent your brand in good light. When you lack the high-quality content and media, you sabotage your chances when it comes to engagement since the target audience will only respond to the top-quality posts.

Neglecting the Biophilia effect 

The Biophilia effect tends to structure an appeal to the primal nature of your target audience. The Biophilia effect speaks to nature and instigates an interaction setting that the target audience relates to. Interaction with nature is a natural tendency for most individuals since it is automatic that humans will be drawn to nature and its habitat. When you fail to add natural elements, you risk the Biophilia effect which in turn means you fail to get engagement.

Ignoring user generated content

Instagram is all about showing people what they stand to gain and how they can go about accessing the same. What the users want is what should make the cut in terms of content posted which means user generated content becomes the premium yardstick to consider. When you ignore user generated content, the target audience will have no use for your content since it will not be relevant to them.

Lack motivational aspect 

It is natural that the target audience will only interact with the posts that they feel a certain way towards. Users must have some motivation to interact with your post be it an offering or a giveaway. When you lack the motivational aspect, you are always at risk of sacrificing the engagement potential that your post can manage.

Not building social proof 

The action a person takes is more often than not influenced by what other people do or the opinion they front. People easily conform if they are influenced by social proof and not capitalizing on the same is what results in poor engagement. You have to utilize social proof to promote your brand to the target audience and give your posts a significant lift.

Lack of color harmony 

Color harmony has an effect on short-term memory and this consequently means it has the ability to affect the capacity of an individual to remember and engage with a post. Appropriate color harmony improves the ability of the target audience to form a bond with your post and this directs the fact that color palettes matter. Without color palettes, you risk having low engagement on your posts.

Not targeting scene gist 

The target audience needs to internalize a post within seconds of viewing it for the first time. If this is not achieved, the rate at which the post receives engagement goes down significantly. Color affects scene gist making it either easy to recognize or hard to remember and this underlines why your posts may lack engagement.

Failing to utilize captions 

Using persuasive words by making it personalized with a free element is what attracts engagement from the target audience. There are phrases that persuade the target audience to engage and failing to utilize the same is what makes your posts lack the interactive power.

You haven’t utilized priming 

Exposure to a particular aspect affects your response and engagement to another. For instance, exposure to a certain blend of colors will give you an idea of a brand or a stimulus for engagement. Failure to utilize a signature color theme may therefore be a reason for the low rates of engagement you receive on your Instagram posts.

Ignoring the Baader-Meinhof theory 

When doing Instagram posts, utilizing the Baader-Meinhof theory is a unique yet effective strategy since it brings engagement rates to a new high. the theory works in the sense that something you have seen in a recent setting becomes a constant everywhere you look. It makes use of the idea of selective attention. You can take advantage of this by making posts based on trending topics to create buzz around your posts.

Underestimating the Isolation effect 

You have to make your post stand out with a different setting from everything around it. The key is to isolate the key element of your post to help your post stand out which is what creates the foundation for engagement.

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