How to Ski with your Kid

How to Ski with your Kid

From the sidelines, skiing seems to be fun and exciting. But getting to learn how to ski as an adult is not that a walk in the park. It is even more challenging for kids. Accidents and injuries pose more significant threats to kids given that they are young and may not know how to balance their body correctly. As such, a lot of time and attention has to be invested in ensuring that the kid gets it right from the beginning. Here are some tips by sports overnight to help you teach your kid how to ski.

1.    Your kid should be the right age first before you consider skiing with them

No exact age marks the right time to get your kid to start skiing with you. It is a matter of judgment and parenting. Kids are entirely different and hence the same scale cannot be used to determine the exact age they should start skiing. When you notice your child is adventurous, loves playing in the snow and has proper body balance and coordination, then you can consider skiing with them.

2.    Get your kids to enjoy the snow and be fit in the process

The learning process is made easy if your kid is used to the snow, loves it and is fit too. As such, let your kid play with the snow. In fact, to make them get used to the same faster, you can join in and play with them. Getting kids to familiarize themselves with the feeling of playing and falling on the snow makes their fear of falling disappear. The playing and running around in the know, also, helps your kid become fit – something that is quite helpful when they start skiing.

3.    Get your child exciting about skiing

If your kid is not for the idea of skiing, then it will become almost impossible to have a fantastic experience with your child skiing. Before you hit a ski resort, get your child to love the sport first. Fun photos and videos and even books on skiing for children can help you grow the passion in your child. You can, also, go with your kid to a couple of ski shows to watch other have fun and psych your child up for the sport.

4.    Start with ice skating first

Start your ski experience with your kid by going for ice skating or in-line skating with the first. These two activities are a great start for any kid. Before they get to skate correctly on the ice surface, they will stumble and fall sometimes. But when they get it, it becomes much easier for them. In-line skating and ice skating help teach your kid how to balance while in motion. It will become very crucial when they begin skiing.

5.    Get a certified ski instructor to teach your kid how to ski

While it is possible to teach your kid to ski by yourself, it is advisable to have your kid taught how to ski by a certified instructor. The benefit of having your kid taught by an instructor is that your kid will be shown the techniques that they need basing on their level and their pace of learning. You, however, should ensure that you monitor their progress closely. Ensure that you help them practice what they have learned in their ski school.

6.    Get your kid the right skiing gear

Invest in the best equipment and gear for your kid to make their learning and their skiing experience enjoyable. Have them try out their gear at home and ensure that they fit and that your kid is comfortable with them before going to ski. The more efficient the equipment is, the less intimidating the experience will be.

7.    Start on the carpeted areas first

When it’s now time to start the actual skiing with your child, do not make them bite more than they can handle. Do not take them to the steep slopes just yet because that is where your adrenaline is activated. Begin with an indoor skiing arena that is less steep and friendly to kids. The idea is to let your kid grow in confidence as they master the skills slowly and naturally. You should start with the smooth and friendly surfaces first before heading for the more challenging venues.

8.    Have fun with your kid

Kids love it when they feel the presence of their parents when they are trying out new things. You aim to have your child learn how to ski, do not let that get in the way of having fun. After all, skiing is a sport and sports are meant to be fun. As such, when skiing with your kid, be vulnerable and bring out the fun part in you. Fall, laugh and play in the snow. When your kid sees you laughing and getting up even after you fall, their mind adjusts, and they know that falling is okay. The bottom line is trying to have as much fun as possible with your kid as you ski.

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