How to Ski Moguls

How to Ski Moguls

Skiing mogul is one of the most divisive topics among skiers. To some skiers, skiing moguls bring out the excitement of skiing while to others it is terrifying when they think of it. The fact is that if you love skiing, you have no choice but to learn how to maneuver around moguls because you are guaranteed to come across them as you ski in the various ski resorts you visit. There is nothing that is so complicated about skiing moguls. It is just a matter of proper timing and adequate practice. The fundamental principle of skiing like balance, rhythm and short turns are the same things that apply. This sports overnight guide provides more insight on how to ski moguls.

Learn to control your speed

A critical point you have to know when facing moguls is being able to control your speed. That is why skiing moguls are best left for people who are already used to and are good at skiing. It is because the most significant problem that people usually have when they are faced with moguls is managing to control their speed. They build up too much momentum after the first mogul and the second. By the time they get to the third or the fourth, they lose control making them susceptible to accidents and injuries. That is why it is essential to know how to control your speed.

To help your speed control, reduce your edging angle. Learn how to make proper carving turns to avoid too much speed. Also, learn how to skid and pivot to maneuver the moguls easily.

Find your rhythm then stick to it until the end

As you start skiing down, get your rhythm and stick to it faithfully. One of the common ways that skiers use to get into their rhythm is counting up to a specific number and then turning, then count to the same number and make another turn. Do this repetitively until you finish. It is just but an example. It does not matter the criteria you choose to find your rhythm. But when you establish one, stick to it, and you will maneuver the moguls quite smoothly. A steady rhythm helps you maintain stability and body balance while improving your skiing fluidity and confidence.

Pick a line to follow

Following a path is one of the best ways to ski moguls. To pick a line, observe the size of the moguls and their patterns. The size and the patter of the moguls have to be consistent. Follow the path to the end without shifting directions. Following the path will help stop you from skiing erratically.

Pole plant

Pole planting is particularly essential when skiing moguls as the poles will help you maintain the stability of your body as you make the turns while helping you keep your rhythm. Pole planting, also, helps you on your downhill ski to keep your balance.

You can either go up the mogul or around it

Some skiers love going over the moguls while others prefer going around them. Well, there is no rule for this, and your preference is up to you. However, it is best to mix it up and to move according to your rhythm. Going around the moguls allow you to make faster turns while going up them will enable you to create rounder turns. Therefore, depending on where you are with your rhythm when you get to a mogul, chose whether to go up or around the mogul.

Maintain flexibility

If you make your body stiff, chances are you will not enjoy mogul skiing at all. You will be thrown around and possibly lose balance and fall. When facing moguls, let your hips and knees bend and loosen up your body. It will give you more control over the direction of your motion. Also, try to maintain a level head.

Change your mentality about moguls

When skiing and you come across moguls, do not expect a smooth and friendly ride. Moguls will always be bumpy, and you have to adjust your mind and embrace this fact if you want to learn how to conquer such terrain without much struggle. Therefore, change your mindset and know what to expect. Then build your confidence from there. Of course, it is going to be scary at first, but after doing it a couple of times, skiing moguls will not be a challenge to you at all.

Practice makes perfect

Just like any other sport or aspect of life, the only way you can be a pro at something is if you invest your time and energy in practicing and mastering the concept. The same applies to skiing moguls. As stated, most people get terrified when they see moguls. But embracing that fear and skiing on moguls will help you build your confidence by getting used to them. The more you practice, the more it becomes a part of you and the easier it gets to conquer the “tough” terrain.

There is nothing complicated about moguls. Skiing them requires you to remove the obstacles in your mind, find a rhythm, make the right turns and be control of your speed.