Google AdWords: How to Split Test Your Ads in 2018

How to master your PPC performance in 2018

How to master your PPC performance in 2018

There’s no better time than now to ensure you’re on your way to mastering the performance of your PPC since the digital world is fast evolving and success will be for the marketers that take the initiative. A glance at the patterns in 2017 reveals an increase in cost per clicks, click through rates, conversion rates among other parameters. This is probably due to the introduction of some new adwords features, as explained in this article, many of which you’ll probably want to familiarize yourself with.

Similar audiences and In-market audience feature

The use of the similar audience option allows the marketing team to target users searching for similar types of things by showing them the ads that are related to the product or service. In-market conversely will help you connect with consumers researching and comparing different products of interest to you by displaying your ad. This feature is a favourite tool and should boost your PPC performance immensely.

The If / Default ads for mobile

This feature helps give you an option to create preferred ads using expanded test ads. It also aids in the separation of messages for mobile and desktop users. These two options were not possible before this feature came into use. It makes it possible now to adjust an ad in one format and then using the If function and default values, customise it.

Expansion by adwords of the matches to exact and phrases

The switch from a syntactic match type to a semantic match type by google has changed drastically how exact and phrase match to words. Therefore, even if your ads do not match the exact words, there is no cause for alarm as they can now also be matched to phrases.

The inclusion of new ads extensions

This is mostly due to the fact google launches ad extensions every few months which can then be included based on the nature of your field. For instance, the use of price extensions based on the fact your field is price oriented. This ad extensions also critically play the role of showcasing in detail what your business entails and can therefore be useful in persuading your target audience into conversion.

Life event targeting feature

Posting of life events such as weddings, graduations among others on social media by users opens a window for companies to target prospective customers based on those posts. For example, a photography company can now create ads about photo shoot packages and target those who are graduating from say college. Staying on top of this feature is sure to boost the performances of your PPCs.

The addition of fields in the customer match feature

Customers used to be served ads purely based on their email ID before this feature came into effect. This has made it possible now to add more information or criteria such as name, phone number, ZIP code among others to enable one to get a closer customer match.

It’s always worth it to experiment with these new features even if the normal human instinct is to avoid new and previously untested things especially if the old way seemed to be working well. Failure to take advantage of these new features may most likely lead to missing out on new PPC revenue streams. You should however select only those features that compliment your campaign targets.

There are factors in addition to the above features that you should consider ensuring you develop a successful PPC campaign. One of the most important ones is ensuring you keep a close eye on new products and services in your business. New products and services may come into market and render your ads obsolete so it’s important to keep an eye out on these trends.

Another factor is ensuring you review and update your marketing plan. Most companies shockingly operate without a marketing plan. It’s always important to come up with a marketing plan that enumerates what’s being done or if there is one in place ensure it is reviewed and updated regularly to not only keep stock of past activities and transactions, but to also help in mapping the road ahead.

Another important factor is to always check if some of the goals set earlier have changed. Some goals set early on may change as the year progresses. If this occurs then it is important to adjust accordingly and if possible switch to strategies and new features that will enable the accomplishment of the new set goals. Everyone involved in your PPC campaign should also be clearly informed of any changes in goals to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

It is also critical to identify what you want to accomplish in 2018. This should come out clearly once the goals have been set and new features selected. It will be important to break them down into set markers which can then be ticked off stage by stage as the year continues. In addition to the suggestions above, there is always more to learn on the subject. You can learn more by visiting such sites as