How Much is a Varidesk? Varidesk Reviews: Varidesk Price

How Much is a Varidesk? Varidesk Reviews: Varidesk Price

As can be found in a much more detailed discussion over at, Varidesk, LLC. is an American manufacturer of office furniture and equipment and they have been in operation since they were started in 2012. Varidesk in itself is their product and it is a standing desk which is something most offices have been looking to add to their premises since the phenomenon hit. Standing desks have become popular as they come with both sit and stand capabilities and Varidesk recognizing this went hard as far as marketing is concerned by taking out lots of TV commercials, radio ads, in-flight magazine ads, internet ads on virtually all platforms; all of which must have been quite expensive for them. However, this strategy worked as it succeeded in making Varidesk arguably the most recognizable standing desk brand in the world right now. Their marketing strategies also didn’t work just for them but for the standing desk industry as a whole as it made the public aware of the existence and importance of standing desks such as their health benefits among others. It is no wonder that most offices are looking to stock up on Varidesk, but is it worth it? This article will look to review the product as well as examining the prices involved.

One thing to note about the prices of Varidesk products is that they are consistent and hardly ever change which is great for those planning to buy. The prices remain the same which means you don’t have to worry about timing when thinking of purchasing. However it is important to note, as is covered over at that when it comes to standing desks, Varidesk products are the most expensive, with most of them being about 30% to 35% more expensive as compared to competing models. The high price is due to the quality of their product as well as great policies. One of these policies is that they provide for a 100% risk free trial of their products for 30 days and if you don’t like their product their return policy is so good that they will not only issue a full refund, they will even pay for the pick-up. They won’t even charge restocking fees or shipping costs as part of their return policy which is something none of their competitors can get close to matching.

They also have great warranty policies, which are dependent on the type of product you buy. This means that the high-end products which are more expensive come with great warranties, up to 10 years for some which is great news. As far as their shipping policies go, most of their orders ship for free and arrive within a few days with only shipping to remote locations like Alaska requiring you to pay. The packaging, as far as shipping is concerned is also done very well to avoid damage, with more on their warranty and shipping policies to be found over at We should now look at the different products they carry and the prices involved in purchasing them. As far as sit-stand converters go, the pro plus series comes in three sizes; 30”, 36” and 48”. These cost $375, $395 and $415 respectively with the pro plus 36 electric, which is an electric standing desk costing $495 to buy. The next category is the pro series category which comes in size 30 and 36 with the former setting you back some $375 while the latter costs $395. The next category they have is the Varidesk Exec 40 which costs about $550. Next they have the Cube Corner series which comes in two types; type 36, which costs about $495 to purchase and the other type, type 48 which is priced at the same price of $495. The compact series of desks are priced at $175 while the Prodesk 60, which is in the category of full desks costing $995. Other types include the VARIchair which costs $195, the VARIchair pro which is sold for $250, the MAT 34 costing $50, the MAT 36 costing $60, and the ActiveMat costing about $95, with details on all these products to be found over at the ever reliable

One thing that we have to mention about Varidesk products is that, even though they are more expensive than those of their competitors, they come with great policies in terms of warranties and shipping as mentioned above not forgetting return policies. There is also the benefit of buying products from a well-known brand such as Varidesk, and the image it portrays about your business when clients visit your office premises. All these need to be taken into account when choosing whether to buy their products or not. As far as prices are concerned, they might a bit on the expensive side and it is up to you to decide whether they are worth it or not. As usual, there is more to be found on this and other topic by visiting, so give them a visit.

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