How ecommerce has changed business in 2019

How ecommerce has changed business in 2019 

A curious case of ecommerce has come up in the sense that it has been able to transform the way people do business across the globe. From the way the consumer is able to reach a merchant to the way a merchant packages a product or service so that it resonates with what the consumer is looking for. In identifying with the review done by on how ecommerce has bettered the shopping experiences, inferences can be drawn on how the same has changed business in 2019. Consumer access to technology has meant businesses adopt ecommerce in order to change with the wave and here is a look at how ecommerce has impacted business. 

Automated business operations 

Ecommerce has forced businesses to automate in terms of finding the measures that will create a line of engagement between them and the consumer. Ecommerce thrives in the idea of on-demand shopping and this means a business must be able to serve a consumer as and when the demand presents itself and this is what has in turn driven every business with an online presence to automate operations to keep with what the market needs. 

Optimization of supply chain and inventory 

Ecommerce has forced businesses to optimize the supply chains and also streamline inventory since consumers are now part of the on-demand society. Ecommerce has come in and transformed where and when consumers shop which means businesses have had to make the adjustment in order to fit in with what, when and where demand arises. 

Data driven decisions 

Gone are the days when strategies and business decisions were made solely on how the business is oriented and what a merchant believes to be the right move owing to their own business acumen. Ecommerce has made sure that businesses collect data which when analyzed provides an authentic path of action for a business. Data driven decisions are becoming more popular especially with businesses edging towards consumer targeting in full force. Businesses are looking towards data science and digital marketing experts for ideas and strategies that are sure to take operations to the next level and this is where renowned gurus at come into play.

Click and Collect 

Previously, consumers had to find the select stores where they can shop and physically present themselves to gain access to the goods and services but ecommerce has changed all of that. Presently, ecommerce has ensured that consumers can just click and collect or have the same delivered to them from the comfort of their home or office. Click and collect is the future of shopping and it is what business are being forced to embrace in 2019 since more consumers are taking on the idea. 

Personalized targeting 

Digital marketing had recently been all about a business getting in the face of the consumer and announcing that it exists but ecommerce has transformed this notion completely. Personalized targeting is now a thing that businesses are being forced to adopt if they are to reach out to the consumer successfully. Since businesses have an idea of what the consumer wants, personalized approaches make part of the strategy being used to effectively engage with the target audience. 

Memorable shopping 

Ecommerce has undoubtedly driven businesses to embrace unique strategies that contribute towards memorable shopping experiences for consumers. From consumers being able to compare prices, check bargains and even have access to vouchers and discounts; this is the shopping experience consumers crave and it is through this avenue that businesses are also able to collect information and data that helps in decision-making. 

Mobile friendly sites 

In the recent past, businesses were focused on perfecting the desktop sites and physical stores as those were the avenues that consumers used to find them. Ecommerce has however brought people to a realization of the fact that most consumers are doing their shopping using their handheld devices which means mobile friendly sites are mandatory. Mobile friendly sites enhance engagement as well as enhance the sales avenue which are both crucial to the success of a business. 

Brick and Mortar stores are closing

Business on the online platform is both cost effective and streamlined in terms of operations. Ecommerce has directed the shift from brick and mortar stores which has meant that companies close down their physical shops and a good example is Walmart. This is a phenomenon that was foreseen by business experts and renowned marketers including, who made the prediction that stores would either close down or reduce in size as the ecommerce platforms continued to grow.

Manufacturers are selling directly to target markets

It is worth noting that ecommerce has meant that manufacturers can sell directly to the consumer without the need for middlemen. With manufacturers having their own channels, ecommerce platforms and mobile friendly sites, it has become efficient for them to sell directly which also makes it possible to engage with the consumer directly.    

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