Why Should You Hire A Patent Attorney? – 10 Reasons

Why Should You Hire A Patent Attorney? – 10 Reasons

If an entity or individual is looking to have adequate protection of its intellectual property rights, getting a patent lawyer is the way to go. They are instrumental from the registering stage up to defending it when the need arises. Nevertheless, you should hire the right patent attorney to ensure your interests are always safeguarded. A good bet is Panda Patent, which is a well-established firm that deals with patents. These reasons justify the need to have a patent lawyer.

Patent drafting

Many find that they can draft a patent on their own. However, due to limited knowledge, loopholes can be created thus offering others the chance to benefit from your invention. Nevertheless, with help from an expert, a professional approach will be used that avoids any loopholes that infringers can use.

A patent lawyer is thus the most suitable in drafting it and ensuring that the patent issued meets the required quality. He or she will have helpful tips in ways of crafting an application that satisfies the bare minimums. In this way, the probability of a successful application is amplified.

Patent searches 

You can only get a patent for an idea if no other similar invention exists. A patent lawyer will prove instrumental in conducting a patent search and establishing this fact. With such knowledge, he or she will then provide appropriate advice on how to apply in a manner that does not encroach on any existing IP right.

Intricacy of filing 

Filing for patents is also usually thought to be simple. Conversely, there exist numerous underlying factors that need to be taken into consideration in this phase. The attorney will thereby guarantee that the handling of the process is seamless to ensure that the desired patent is issued.

Comprehensive understanding of patent law

Just like other fields, patent law is a practice that contains interpretations that may be incomprehensible to the inexperienced. A patent lawyer is thus instrumental in interpreting such matters and crafting a clear path of action.

Patent attorneys are usually familiar with any updates in IP law. They may be aware of the existence of such updates while you may be ignorant about them. He or she is bound to know any changes since they practice patent law as their profession.

A patent lawyer is also competent in international law relative to patents. Such knowledge will prove instrumental if one chooses to commercialize their idea internationally. He or she will work out the process and ensure the issuance of quality patents from other jurisdictions.

Defending a patent 

A case where another entity violates your IP rights may emerge. Your patent lawyer possesses the expertise and technical know-how that will guarantee a successful prosecution of the infringer. Also, the attorney will ensure that you get appropriately compensated for the violation.

Assessing a patent’s viability 

Rather than incur expenses filing for a patent that is unlikely to be issued, getting help from a patent lawyer is instrumental. He or she will assess the patent’s viability in addition to determining its strengths to stand the scrutiny it will undergo prior to being issued.

The structuring of protection clauses

IP protection entails legal terminologies that may be challenging to comprehend. However, a patent lawyer can structure such clauses in a way that brings about full protection.

Advice on disclosure 

A patent attorney knows the disclosure levels of creations that ensure adequate protection of your IP rights. It prevents your competitors from finding a way to exploit your idea.

Significant experience

The attorney should have proper certifications. They prove that he or she is capable of interpreting and executing IP law. Such certifications are an indication of experience, and thus you can trust him or her to handle your patent application.

Applying on your own may result in a denial of the patent. A primary reason is usually the failure to capture specific terms and clauses. Conversely, a patent attorney has ample experience on how to incorporate all the essential aspects leading up to a successful bid. In this way, expenses are also reduced since it is more expensive to reapply than to get a qualified patent lawyer to help with the initial application.

A patent attorney is experienced in handling independent and corporate applications. He or she can thus offer excellent guidance in this matter.


Having a patent lawyer pursuing your patent ensures that a skilled and experienced person is handling the case. Also, it gives you ample time to develop the invention and study the intended market. Hence, once the patent is issued, you are ready to begin implementing your idea and achieving your goals for making the invention.

In summary, one can draft and file for a patent on their own. Nonetheless, several reasons have justified getting a qualified patent attorney to increase the chances of a quality patent being issued.