Graphic Design/Social Media

I am a career social media manager and social media marketer with over 8 years of experience.

One of my clients whom I work for part time, had his page go from 15k LIKED page up to 45k in less than 2 months, along with now 150+ comments per post, and engagement, increased ratings, and booked the client onto interviews, podcasts, and had him mentioned on international media sites. He just signed 4 contracts for work, as all four of his future partners follows his Facebook page. Not to mention, his new followers gained were 75% organic. If you have a product/service/digital good, social media can do the same for you as well.

Social media in all it’s forms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) is a growing backbone to any company or figure seeking to expand. To ignore the usefulness of social tools that the internet provides is a mistake that is costly to your company/brand. Each social media outlet serves it’s own purpose and target audience, your company may not need all of them.

I am at $55/hour, $150/ hour for consultation or $1500 per month/ 30 days. ($1650 if at one hour a day for 30 days). You can feel free to mix and match no more than 3 social media outlets. Most SMM companies will charge by each social media platform, I do not.

Are you thinking of starting you own business?
I have done freelance on the side working with startup companies, entrepreneurs who need an art director to design a beautiful brand identity set for their business for over 7 years now.Between designing their logos, websites, as well as their online presence with instagram, facebook and twitter, it has all been a huge success.

My service includes:
Setting up social media accounts
Creating content for social media accounts
Logo Design
Fashion Apparel Tag Design
Business Card Design/Business Card Printing
Letterhead Design
WEB Design
Any promotional materials (lookbook, t-shirst, bags, catalogue, flyers)

Email me for a price list. (Please include a brief description of your business and what services you are looking for)
If you need any other design services or questions, please do not hesitate to email me.


We can help you get everything started and maintain your pages as well!

We have experience in the following:

Grocery stores
Customer Service
Lawn Care Services
Non Profits
Copier/Software Industry
And more

Please leave a detailed message with your information, business name an details about the type of service you would be interested in.