I work with small to medium sized business owners to accomplish the following:

> We build an SEO ready, mobile responsive website together
> We can build a lead generation focus based website, if you choose
> We’ll then work on marketing and branding, using SEO and different advert. mediums
> I also offer extensive online brand consulting, including trademarks, logos,
> I’ll consult and help manage all paid Facebook and Yelp Ads and run Adword campaigns

If you have not formed a legal business entity (i,e., LLC, DBA, Inc.), I can assist you in getting those filings done as well.

So, Why Me?

Well, for one, I’m a late 80’s baby with a lifetime of computer exposure. My knowledge along with technology and the internet have culminated into my work with online brand development and marketing. A business that allows me to work with my owners digitally and achieve awesome results.

Secondly, and more importantly, web development is just one of my skill-sets. Along with online marketing, my wife and I own another business, ( Everyone I work with will tell you it’s a tremendous asset I have when it comes to spending your money on computer services… If I wouldn’t spend my money, I won’t spend your money. As for formal education, I have a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies out of Providence. And yes, that was (and still is) a degree. A “cutting-edge” degree at that, back in the day!

Designing your website –

The very first step. We’ll work to get you online for the first time, redesign your existing website or work with any ideas you have about an internet based project. I do not work with WordPress. Sorry. Their are too many reasons.

Now, all of my websites are mobile responsive, SEO ready and you can edit it yourself at will if you so choose to make changes yourself.

It’s imperative to have a website that exceeds the current minimum standards set by major search engines if you want to be found.

I’ve worked to build websites in a countless number of different industries. My “simple sites”, roughly five pages, start at $500. What’s really nice is, you have the ability to view a live running preview of the site throughout the design process.


Optimizing your website to exceed current standards is the golden ticket as a long term play. When your website starts to become found “organically” (without you having to pay for anything), you can start to redirect those savings back into marketing, earning more money.

What do I do for SEO?
How do you know I’m doing anything?

First of all, you will always have access to all reports as it pertains to what’s happening statistically with your business online. Consider those my progress reports… We measure our growth using several analytic gathering programs.
I consistently work to keep pressure on the search engines with on and off-page SEO. The constant pressure, or reminding the search engines, “we’re alive!” is what will help you get cemented in the top search positions. We also work to get you listed on Google Maps, which is very important and should happen immediately. Moreso, the marketing extends beyond ads when we start to advertise on dozens of authoritative business listings.

Social Media –

I “grew-up” with social media starting to explode when I entered college. Back then you still needed a .edu email address to register on Facebook. Now look at where Facebook is. Pushing the envelope of what we know as direct target marketing.

I’ve lived the changes, which brings me to my “honest consulting”…

Here’s the truth.

If all you want to do is post pictures and messages, you can hire a local 16 year high old high school student to run your social media marketing. And I know they’d be good at it.

I can’t in good conscious charge for those services. However, I do manage social media advertisements. I don’t manage the day to day of social media.

Anyone who isn’t local or a member of the business itself who tells you that they’ll manage your social media is going to be ineffective and happily take your money.

Why pay me?
Where’s my value?

Facebook is great. And like anything that’s great, it’s attracting numerous marketers, which is crowding the space. So if you want to get it right and avoid wasting money, you need someone who has experience navigating paid advertisements. At a bare minimum, exceeding your amateur Facebook marketer is worth my knowledge alone. All the same goes for Yelp, AdWords, LinkedIn, and whatever else comes down the pike in time…

That’s just a few projects I can help you with online…

I have this saying. “I’m into making deals, I’m not into not making deals.”.

So if you’re looking to get online for the first time, looking to upgrade and/or looking to start an SEO, social media or paid ad campaign let’s find a way to get you going that fits your budget…

Give me a call –