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Anyone can do this IF they have time. That’s my point. Do you have the time? Why do you think most YouTubers are KIDS or STUDENTS? Because they have the TIME.

No, you don’t have the time. But I do. And I love doing it. Pay me to do it and sooner than you think, you’ll wake up one day and you’ll be YouTube Wealthy & Famous. And in today’s world, being YouTube Wealthy & Famous = being Wealthy & Famous, period. The sky’s the limit as far as income streams on YouTube (I’ll explain in the next few pages.) This is the way to get paid, period.

You want to get YouTube Famous, Make YouTube Money, and Drive a lot of YouTube Traffic to your Channel, Website, Product, and Affiliates?
Well, you better start now. To make it happen, it’ll take 6 months to 1 year. Can you imagine where you’ll be next year if you start now?

Still need convincing? You would basically be paying me pennies to do it for you UNTIL the channel starts making money, at which time you would just give me a percentage of the channel. You really think I’d work for pennies if I didn’t think your channel would eventually make money that I could get a percentage of? There’s an audience for everyone and I know exactly how to tap into that audience through trending research and video content production.

Remember, YouTube is just like TV and your audience wants to see new content from you on a consistent day and time. If you tune in to see your favorite TV show and it’s not on, what do you do? You find something new. And you need subscribers to make sure you have people that will watch your videos on a regular basis. Your subs are notified every time you upload something new, so it’s an instant view. That’s why a single video, no matter how good it is, is not enough for YouTube success.

Videos on YouTube are like TV shows, if you don’t have a new episode on the same day every week, you will not only stop your channel from growing, but you will even start to lose subscribers, as they will simply hunt down a new channel just like yours to satisfy their hunger to watch. Uploading video content on a regular basis builds momentum, increases your video’s ranking in the search, and keeps your audience engaged.

A successful YouTube Channel has a minimum of one day a week where a new video is posted and that day needs to stay consistent. So if you pick Tuesday, then every Tuesday your channel needs a new video. It has to be run like a TV network to work. Besides the main post day it is always a good idea to throw a few other videos up randomly when something is trending on YouTube, so you also need to understand how to watch for trending topics even before they hit virally. If your channel is posting videos correctly and posting 4-6 videos a month, never missing a main post day, you’re going to see success eventually.
We are proud to offer the following services:
– Business consultation
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (Get your business found on Google! We only use white hat SEO tactics – everything is AdSense safe!)
– Online Marketing / Social Media Marketing (We can help you get over 5k likes on twitter, facebook, etc. in 5 days!)
– Setup Adwords or AdSense Campaigns (PPC Marketing)
– Setup Google Analytics or other Analytics Tracking
– eCommerce Solutions (Want to sell your products online? We can help you setup your own online website and eCommerce store! )
– Responsive Web Design & Web Development
– Everything to make your business successful online!