How To Fix Amazon PPC Advertising In 2018

Is your Amazon PPC campaign not yielding the expected results? Are you spending too much money on Amazon and aren’t getting positive results? Are you struggling to even break even on Amazon despite spending a lot of money? Well, worry not because today, the PPC gurus are here to help you fix your Amazon PPC advertising.

Here at PPCHire, we pride ourselves in helping struggling businesses and start-ups to get tractions in the market by creating high quality marketing campaigns and providing professional tips on how to improve the performance of your Amazon PPC ads. So, how does one fix their PPC advertising in 2018?

How to Fix Amazon PPC Advertising in 2018

Conduct an overhaul on your ads

According to PPC guru and CEO of PPCHire, Tony Guo, the first step towards fixing your counterproductive PPC campaign on Amazon, is to do a complete overhaul of the previously set up ad campaigns. In other words, you will need to take time and examine all the other previously set up campaigns to ascertain the performance of the ads.

Conducting an overhaul, will help you to understand the ads that are performing below par and those that show some signs of progress. Note down the progress of each of the previously set up campaigns as you will need the information for the next step of fixing your PPC advertising.

Scale down the expenditure on the keywords that are not working

This is the most important aspect of fixing any PPC campaign. By scaling down the amount of money you spend on the less profitable keywords you will be reducing the chances of making a loss on the marketing campaign by a very big margin.

Non-performing keywords imply two things; either people are not searching the keywords when looking for the relevant products or the competition for the keyword is too high and your competitors have outbid you in that aspect. The best thing to do, is to tweak the keywords a little bit and try rearranging them and if they don’t yield positive results, then stifle them funding and eventually get rid of them.

Pump in more money to working keywords

If there are any keywords that are exhibiting positive signs, then you should shift all the focus to them. Some people get very many impressions and clicks but the conversion rate is normally worrying. This can be fixed by focussing on the desirability of the product and increasing the ad budget to reach even more people.

On the other hand, there are those sellers whose products get very few impressions but from the same few impressions, the sellers manage to amass an impressive conversion rate. This is normally an indication that the products on offer are desirable but the visibility is low. In such cases, it is advisable to increase the ad budget to enable the product to be seen even more. 

Keywords that break even should be kept

Sometimes, investing in some keywords will neither yield in profit nor culminate into loss. These keywords play a very vital role in terms of ranking and you shouldn’t stop paying for them. Actually, some of them lead to conversions which are not captured by Amazon PPC stats.

Sometimes, people click on ads but end up buying the products long after the 14 day period has elapsed. Such sales will not be captured by the Amazon PPC algorithm but in truth, you will have made a sale and possibly a profit. Moderately performing keywords should therefore be retained for as long as the budget allows.

Your daily budget per product should be reducing with time

According to the most prolific sellers on Amazon, the most profitable means of making money on the platform is to work with a reducing advertising budget per unit. This simply means that the amount of money you spend to get a product advertised by Amazon, should reduce with time. It is wise to therefore start with relatively large budgets to help you gain traction in the market and then gradually reduce the amount in a bid to improve your profit margins.

Let the experts help fix your Amazon PPC campaigns

The best way to get your Amazon PPC campaign back up and running, is by outsourcing PPC services from the experts and letting them do the dirty work for you. By outsourcing the services from experts, you not only will get more time to concentrate on bettering your product, you will be assured of the end result of the PPC campaign in the hands of the experts.

If you are in need of PPC experts, look no further than our way here at PPCHire. We offer professional PPC services at affordable rates and cover both small enterprises and large multinational companies. Give us a shout today and let us fix your Amazon PPC campaign today.