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Services include: Website & graphic design, SEO (search engine optimization), social media integration and page creation, logo design, business card design, website hosting, and more.

If you are interested in increasing your amount of successful personal injury cases, please contact me.
I have extensive experience writing web pages for attorneys who want to be at the top of all search engine results.
SEO is Search Engine Optimization. When you have specific pages on your website denoting very specific terms, any internet search will bring you up to the top without paying advertising costs.

I am a professional writer and can provide a resume and a sample. Contact me for more details and I can work on it while you’re on vacation or at a court date. I am in Belfast but do all of me work remotely with no problem. I can even present all finished products in HTML form so they can go straight to your website. Thanks!!

Our Web Design , SEO , Social Media and Branding Services are designed and guaranteed to:
-Reduce your bounce rates by giving you an attractive and fully functional site that DRAW people in, not push them away
-Increase your following by thousands
-Increase your sales and conversions significantly
-Increase your ranking on search engines such as bing and google
-Set your business and brand apart from your competition
-Get you the online exposure and presence you need and desire
-Are monthly, no contracts. You can stop, go as you wish
-Give you the quality you want at a price you can afford because we work with your budget
-Increase social media engagement and influence others to share your postings, products and information
Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Branding and SEO. Done by professionals that work with your budget.
Finding the right person to perform SEO for you can be a challenge. There are many offers out there that are designed to lure you in (#1 rank in 2 weeks for $100), but just end up being a waste of time and money. SEO requires a thought-out plan, technical understanding of subject matter, and complete transparency in reporting. What I offer is a quality, professional service for individuals with an established business and a mature understanding of their goals. If you are at a position where you believe you can invest some extra cash in online marketing, then I am your man. If you are just scraping by and desperately seeking to get some calls to your business, then I am sad to say I cannot help you.

If you have little experience with marketing or SEO in general, hiring an SEO professional may be beneficial for you. I specialize in identifying business goals, translating them into actionable items, and reporting the progress of SEO campaigns in a language you can understand. My clients are mostly small-business owners, and as such have little time to waste. What I offer is transparent work and reporting which helps to further your bottom-line.

For those seeking a brief technical overview:

Strategic and tactical skills in SEO and content creation including:

Focused keyword research and competitive analysis.
Technical site analysis and audit.
Offsite link-building campaigns.
Onsite SEO optimization.

PPC and SEM strategic experience and the ability to integrate with overall objectives:
Google Adwords setup, monitoring; including advanced retargeting campaigns.
Google Analytics setup, reporting and maintenance.

30 year-old web developer, graphic designer and SEO guru. Over 10 years of experience and can work within your budget. I make all of my client’s websites look professional, mobile friendly, SEO friendly and load fast.
If you feel apprehensive about hiring a company that is 5 states away (or worse) and want to talk to a person face to face whenever you need to, then my services may be the solution for you. I primarily specialize in working to expand the web presence and sales of small to medium sized local businesses.

I’ve talked with a lot of individuals recently who have been burned by pseudo-SEO services. I operate with a clearly established goal, and offer transparent reporting each step of the way. This way, we can track milestones and understand the efficacy of our campaigns.

SEO may not be right for everyone. If you would like to discuss what SEO can do for your business, then please feel free to call and ask. I am only interested in working with serious clients and as such do not try to upsell during our calls. During the call you can learn more about what real SEO is (not the spammy #1 ranking for $100 deal that you may have seen) as well as where your company stands from an SEO perspective. I find that this helps business owners make much more informed decisions on whether or not an SEO campaign is right for them at the time.