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guttulus digital marketing agency

guttulus digital marketing agency

With over 9 years of dedication to our clients, our team continues to grow in with knowledge for the latest web development and marketing strategies to help deliver top quality designs.

Our Featured Services:

Website design and coding development , Mobile apps , Dynamic carts/dating/database/informational websites , Search engine optimization (SEO), PPC campaigning , Graphic designing , Logo identity , Flyer designing , Printing services , WordPress etc.

Our web development team has successfully developed over 3400 websites in the past 8 years of business. Our staff is up to date with the latest versions of technology and design. Don’t just settle for something average.

If you are looking for help managing and/or creating powerful PPC campaigns then I am your guy. I am John. I have over 8 years of experience in PPC and I am Google AdWords certified. I currently work as a PPC manager at a company in Las Vegas. I currently manage digital marketing for a wide variety of businesses

Some of the businesses I work with are:
Law firms
Repair businesses
Real estate brokers
and many many more

I am certified by: Google Adwords (Search, Display, Video), Google Analytics, and Bing Ads. I have worked with a multitude of businesses and can offer professional, experienced help.

How can I help?
I will create campaigns that target your website/landing pages and audience by using keywords, location and quality ad copy.
I will perform split testing on all ads and landing pages.
I will implement remarketing to get your almost lost customers back to your business.
I will setup quality, high converting landing pages for your campaigns if needed.
I will actively lower your costs as much as I can.

With me you can reach profitable campaigns quickly. I will work hard and help build your online business alongside you as your PPC manager.