Is digital marketing a good major?

Is digital marketing a good major? Is a major in digital marketing worth it in this market? To ascertain whether digital marketing is a good major, we talked to Tony Guo who is the Runrex CEO and a revered digital marketing expert with years of experience in the field. So, is digital marketing a good major in America? Here is what Tony Guo thinks about a major in digital marketing;

Digital Marketing Major

Digital marketing is a relatively new career whose growth was propelled by the incorporation of technology into literally every business and venture. Every single business requires online presence in a bid to reach their target audience and sell their products and services and this is where digital marketing comes into play.

Digital marketers are tasked with creating digital marketing campaigns to target the right audience for products and services offered by service providers. This digital marketing encompasses everything from social media marketing to search engine ads.

Although digital marketing can be learnt without going to college, a major in the said field, gives one an added advantage and more proficiency in the field. With a major in digital marketing, one is able to combine conventional marketing skills with the use of the various technological provisions available in the modern world.

How to obtain a digital marketing degree

There are very many colleges in the country that offer a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing. Lots of these courses are relatively new but some which started offering the course a few years back have the option of a master’s degree.

To obtain a digital marketing degree from college, one has to undertake coursework and practical work spanning about 4 years depending on the college one enrolls in. There is an option to study online or to physically attend college.

According to Tony, it is better to physically attend classes because then, you will be under direct tutelage of a digital marketing expert and will be learning with tens or hundreds of other prospective digital marketers. This makes is easy to grasp concepts and you will have access to most of the tools of trade required to make it in this industry.

Job expectations of digital marketers

Once one obtains a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing, then here are some of the duties he/she will be expected to carry out;

  • Social media managers- Manage social media accounts. Create content for social media platforms, interact with followers on the various social media platforms and analyze the reach of the posts made on every social media platform.
  • Create marketing campaigns– The other duty that a digital marketer is expected to carry out, is to come up with marketing campaigns for their clients. The marketing campaigns entails both traditional marketing and digital ads. The ads can be social media ads e.g facebook ads, search engine ads e.g. Google Ads.
  • Improve user experience on website– Although it is not a traditional domain for digital marketers, they can improve the usability of websites and make it easier for customers to interact with service providers.

Reasons why digital marketing is a good major

Good remuneration

Digital marketers make a lot of money. Depending on where one works, they can make anything from $50,000 to $150,000. This depends on whether one works for an agency or as a freelancer. If you are good at what you do, then you’ll have a rewarding career in this field.

Demand for digital marketing skills is very high

There are very many online businesses and ventures that are looking for digital marketing experts to help increase their online presence and increase their sales. In America alone, there are over 19 million online businesses and each one of them requires someone to manage their content and online marketing.

Global audience

With a major in digital marketing, you don’t have to limit your clientbase to Americans. There are very many businesses online that require experts to market their services and you can take up this opportunities. Research actually shows that oversees clients pay more than local clients.

Dynamic career with no skill-cap

The world of technology keeps changing every day. Since digital marketing is dependent on technology, as things change so does your job description and expectations as a digital marketer. There equally is no skills cap as far as digital marketing is concerned. You can grow as much as you want.

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