What Digital Marketers Can Learn from Guilty Crown

What Digital Marketers Can Learn from Guilty Crown

What Digital Marketers Can Learn from Guilty Crown

For anime lovers, it goes without saying that as an entertainment form they bring you to a whole other existence. The unique sense of creative execution of their art of entertainment is one of a kind. Not to mention the moral lessons and teachings of life that one would acquire from a good anime session. However, this art form of entertainment does not only provide experiences on your screens but also behind the scenes. Guilty Crown is one such anime, an impressive piece of entertainment with a captivating story and nerve wrecking drama combined with a production process that a digital marketer could learn from and apply in their trade. The following are lessons a digital marketer can acquire from the behind the scenes production and story correlation employed in the creation of this magnificent anime series, and how that knowledge can be applied in enhancing the effectiveness of their trade courtesy of BitGale.


Originality forms the foundational success of any creative work, and the production team of Guilty Crown made sure that their anime series was based on this foundation. For those unfamiliar with the plot, this creation of Hiroyuki Yoshino and Ichiro Okouchi entails a catastrophic virus outbreak in Japan that plunges the country into chaos, leading to a pre-revolutionary and rebellion situation that causes the need for an unlikely hero and heroine to save the nation and the world.

Shu Ouma a high school student meets a girl Inori Yuzuriha in an unusual boy meets girl circumstance, she is wounded, and he gives her refuge and care. She is later arrested by GHQ, which is a body sent by the United Nations to contain the chaos caused by an event known as the Lost Christmas caused by the outbreak of the Apocalypse Virus. He decides to go after her, which is where he meets Gai Tsutsugami, the leader of a rebellious group known as Funeral Parlor fighting for Japan’s independence from the GHQ group. Gai gives Shu a vial that contains the void genome known as the “Power of the King” which grants its wielder the ability to draw voids from people and use them as weapons to look after. During an attack by the GHQ, the vial shatters, and Shu acquires the power. The plot is far more extensive and twisted with thrilling discoveries in the characters back stories and the circumstances that lead them to their given predicaments.

It goes without saying that the concept of this story is unseen and brings out a unique experience to the anime watching experience. Hence the aspect of originality, that puts Guilty Crown above most of its competition.

Team Work 

An idea from one head may be impressive, but one that entails a unification of other ideas bares a higher potential of becoming incredible. The Guilty Crown production team has gone ahead to show the truth in these words. Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino and Ichiro Okouchi, characters drawn by Redjuice of DeviantArt and music by Hiroyuki Sawano of Supercell among a more comprehensive production team, the best aspects of this anime are brought about by the diversity of the team involved. Of course, Yoshino and Okouchi did not imagine the characters as they are in the anime but, they are writers not picture artists thus the need for a specialized picture artiste to bring about the visual effect to the story in theory.

You Never Stop Learning 

The developing stories of the characters in this anime were not as written in the final product as is the anime series that you now enjoy. Some characters have even been created midway through the production process to give the story an extra edge to its entertainment quality and add content to the story or the main character. The point is that whatever you create does not have to be the final product. There is room for improvement which you should take advantage of to create something better than the best of what you already have. This development is, however, built upon by the learning you acquire from associating and socializing with other people within your trade and taking from your personal experiences.


Guilty Crown does not only exist in digital media but also in print media. It exists in the form of a novel known as Guilty Crown: Princess of Deadpool, written by Gan Sunaaku and published by Nitroplus on April 25th, 2012. It is also published in Dengeki G’s Magazine, again written by Gan Sunaaku for three volumes now. The idea here is that, despite its advancement as a form of entertainment as an anime series, other people still prefer books. And the adaptation of the story into print media as old-fashioned as it may seem still appeals to a category of audiences. That is a lesson a digital marketer can benefit.

Conclusively, Guilty Crown despite being a form of entertainment has been created in a process that can be used as an example of success. And its widespread popularity is evidence that the process worked. Thus the lessons that digital marketers should observe learn and adapt to improve the efficiency of how they conduct their line of work.

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