What Digital Marketers Can Learn From Fate Apocrypha

What Digital Marketers Can Learn From Fate Apocrypha

What Digital Marketers Can Learn From Fate Apocrypha

Fate Apocrypha is a five-volume light novel written by Yuuichirou Higashide and illustrated by Ototsugu Konoe. It is based on a fictional parallel reality in which the Greater Grail was acquired from Fuyuki after the third Holy Grail war. Years later at a period within the 2000s a group that had initially raided and stolen the Grail known as Yggdmillennia declares their withdrawal from their alliance with Mage’s Association and also their possession of the Grail. At this point, war ensues after the Mage’s Association sends its Magi (name of their troops) to retrieve the Grail. Forty-nine of the fifty Magi sent to retrieve the Grail are killed. The one remaining activates a reserve system that allows him to summon fourteen servants. This act marks the commencement of a Great Holy Grail war in Trifas that features two factions that is; Black Faction (consisting of members of Yggdmillennia) and the Red Faction (that entails Mage’s Association members).

As fascinating as that story is the whole plot creates some learning aspects that could be applied by digital marketers in improving their efficiency. The following are the wonderful digital marketing lessons derived from this creative story of the Fate Apocrypha thanks to BitGale.


The whole setting of this story is based on war, and if you read the book, you will realize an immense use of tactics and strategy in an attempt to subdue the enemy from both factions.

The Black Faction, for instance, has Darnic, a member who has family members spread out through the Mage’s Association and Church who relay necessary information that gives the Black Faction an upper advantage. The Red Faction on the other hand which is tasked with retrieving the Grail from the Black Faction and stop the secession decides to choose professionals from outside their faction.

Both factions exhibit a distinct sense of strategy all through the story which is a quality brought about by the organization. The organization thus planning and keeping record helps you as a digital marketer stay ahead of the competition.

Know Your Competition 

The Black Faction is seen in the story to keep tabs on the plans and movements of their enemies which could be due to the unconscious understanding that they do not stand a chance at the fairground. Thus the underhanded tactics to try and level the fighting field so to speak.

There is a lesson here though not in a dark manner that it is displayed in the story. As a digital marketer in a field that is full of competition in this digital age, you are forced to wonder if ever you will surpass that competition ahead of you every once in a while. Well, one way to do so is to find out what they do that puts them ahead of you in your trade. That enables you to improve your digital marketing approach as well give you a new baseline from where you can begin.

Alliances Are Important 

The Red Faction seeks one Master from the Church, that is Shirou Kotomine who acts as a supervisor but is also the Master of the Assassin of Red. Despite their unwillingness to have an impartial overseer, the Red Faction understands the importance of having to prove the legitimacy of their cause and gain the support that they need. They are also seen recruiting professional members from outside their faction.

It shows how alliances are essential in acquiring results. Despite what your personal preferences may be a little compromise will take you a long way, longer than you would have gone alone. As a digital marketer in a very competitive industry you need to find the right person to partner with in this effect might be worth your while.

You Haven’t Failed Until You Give Up 

At the beginning of the novel series when the Yggdmillennia group secedes the Mage’s Association and steals the Grail, and the Mage’s Association retaliates by sending fifty Magi to retrieve the Grail and stop the secession all, but one Lancer of Black slaughters one Magi. But the one Magi that remained summoned fourteen servants (powerful fighters with special abilities), causing the beginning of a great Holy Grail war.

The lesson to be derived here by any digital marketer is that failure is not marked by the lack of anticipated results but by the moment you quit. You may not succeed in your initial attempts, and the failures may be as devastating as forty-nine Magi out of fifty slain by a single servant. The longer you endure, the more satisfactory your results will be.

All in all, whoever won the war is all left to your mystery for now until you choose to get the Fate of Apocrypha novel series and read it. Get to experience an epic reading experience and be entertained, intrigued, thrilled and most of all inspired.

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