Digital Advertising Coordinator-WORK FROM HO

This is a dream-come-true opportunity for you to join a team of
talented, heart-centered, mission-driven people!

Are you the perfect fit? You are if….

You love digital marketing, and you love-love digital advertising and
paid traffic! You have a special place in your heart for the growth
potential that great ad campaigns deliver.

You have basic experience working in most advertising platforms such
as Facebook, Adwords, YouTube, Bing and Pinterest and have deployed ad
campaigns in these platforms within the last 12 months.

You are extremely interested in advertising analytics especially with
evaluating what can be done to optimize each key lever with a goal to
reach a ROI.

You are also interested in advertising research – keeping an eye on
trends, new advertising strategies and what is working now.

You are searching for an opportunity to learn and grow as part of an
innovative and dynamic marketing team.

You’re results-driven and focused and you want to jump in and make an
immediate contribution.

You are enthusiastically seeking a full time position and you are
looking forward to dedicating your professional focus to that

You love the idea that your work, as part of an industry leading
personal development company, contributes to inspiring, instructing
and igniting people to live a life they love.

If you answered a resounding YES to ALL of these criteria. . . then
you may be the perfect addition to our world-class team. So, read

Position Overview:

The Digital Advertising Coordinator (DAC) provides essential tactical
support to our digital advertising strategy.

This position drives the tactical execution of campaign setup,
testing, optimization and scaling. This includes coordinating the
development, filing and loading of creative assets, and the technical
setup/optimization of advertising campaigns within various ad

The DAC will also closely monitor, document and report on key campaign
performance indicators daily – including spend, cost-per-acquisition,
revenue per acquisition, ROI, and other platform specific metric – at
the ad, group and campaign levels

Position Strategic Focus:

Diversification of Revenue via Multi-Channel Campaigns: Helps ensure
we are maintaining a multi-channel advertising strategy by hitting
target spend ratios and ROI objectives in each channel.

Full Funnel Campaigns: Helps design and implement campaigns around the
ascension of a user from indoctrination to customer. Points out
opportunities for retargeting a user back to a specific offer in order
to facilitate that ascension.

Paid Traffic Optimization: Ensures target CPAs and ROI through an
ongoing process of testing, monitoring, learning, and deploying new
campaigns against learnings gleaned from those tests.

Ad Quality & Relevance: Monitors ad quality and ad relevance KPIs to
help us stay informed in regards to how the ads are being received by
the respective channel audiences. Reports when quality and relevance
scores reach sub-optimal levels.

Process Administration: Helps document and further refine existing
paid traffic systems through development of processes and templates
aimed at reducing efficiency gaps in campaign development, deployment,
testing, and reporting.

Position Tactical Focus:

Drives assignment and deployment of campaign assets: Uses campaign
creative brief to assign development of new assets such as ad copy, ad
images, captions, UTMs, and video assets to their respective
departments, then loads the completed assets into the new campaign for
manager pre-launch inspection.

Performs Audience Research: Uses ad channel or 3rd party tools to
identify new opportunities to reach, target, or better define our best

Performs Keyword & Placement Research: For keyword based channels,
research and provide recommended keyword lists and match types. Also,
research potential placement options for display type campaigns.

Stays informed of ad network updates and policy revisions: Checks ad
channel policy updates and reports key insights to manager, noting
where changes may need to be made in campaigns to stay compliant or
best leverage a new channel feature.

Updates Paid Traffic CPA Sheet Daily: Keeps manager informed of daily
performance by updating the paid traffic report each morning,
recording spend, opt-ins, leads, and revenue from the day before. Also
delivering any key insights gleaned from the initial reports.

Research New Ad Platform Best Practices: Drives exploration of new ad
channels by researching and documenting new channel best practices,
strategies, and tactics.


Opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of areas (increase
experience base)

Opportunity to work in fast-growing, heart-centered business with a
mission for helping people create a life they love living

Opportunity to attend live events and trainings

Access to personal and professional training programs

Health Benefits

Paid Holidays

Paid Time Off

Light Travel


This is a full-time salaried position. Your compensation will be
commensurate with your skills and experience and will be based on a
salary, plus bonus, within a range of $36,000-$40,000 (including

Do You Have This Past Experience? (Required)

You have implemented campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager & Power Editor

You have implemented campaigns in Google Adwords suite deploying
YouTube, Adwords and/or display campaigns

Knowledge of Google Sheets – using formulas and solid data
organization to track campaign metrics

You have worked in Google Analytics and feel comfortable navigating in
the platform

You have used UTM parameters to track performance and feel comfortable
building UTM parameters for advertising campaigns

You have worked with online task management systems (Asana or similar)
and have both completed and assigned work in the system

You have worked within InfusionSoft or similar CRM systems

If you’ve made it this far and you are still thinking, “this is a
perfect fit for me”, then you are ready to take the next step. . .