How to Design a Website: 13 Brilliant Homepage Designs to Get You Started

How to Design a Website: 13 Brilliant Homepage Designs to Get You Started

When it comes to website design, not only is a designer supposed to leverage inspiration to actualize an aesthetically compelling site, but also functionality to strike the right balance between form and function.

If you are looking for inspiration to develop an excellent homepage (and website) that will serve the intended purpose, you are reading the right article. Here are 13 brilliant homepage designs to get you started.


Freshbooks is an accounting solutions firm that makes it clear what they are and what they can do for you immediately you land on their homepage. Well contrasted and clean cut, the page hits all the right cords without leaning too much in any one direction.

The call-to-action is attractive and well placed and the fact that over 10 million businesses prefer the service is highlighted. It is an award-worthy homepage that partly demystifies why Freshbooks has millions of clients.


Because-Recollection is different, effective and exciting. The homepage is responsive and highly interactive offering a refreshing breeze of cool air in an online space choke full of copycat, almost identical websites. It is anything but boring by utilizing pleasing animations to add stimulating visual dimensions to content.


Bigdropinc uses straightforward, yet unique typography to effect an excellent homepage that compromises nothing on the functionality front while offering much in the looks department. Set against a dark cityscape, the homepage highlights the agency’s capabilities while providing the necessary navigation buttons. It is elegant, uncomplicated and it gets the work done.


The company’s value proposition hits you in a simple yet brilliant solid white background that draws attention to the content. The homepage is well equipped with all a visitor would be looking for. There is a smart search feature regarding destinations and dates, as well as suggestions and mentions of popular offers. The homepage is laser focused, with call-to-actions that stand out.


Aaa is a simplistic and very intelligently and artistically crafted homepage that shows different backgrounds when the mouse pointer hovers over the navigation button. The page acts as an impressive precursor that introduces visitors into the studio’s creative orientations. Put in another way; the homepage encapsulates what the studio is all about and makes quite an impression.


For a company that offers financial services, Mint manages to simplify things by avoiding jargon without watering down the message in its homepage text. The page embodies a relaxed vibe with its fun, elegant theme and well-curated content. The call-to-actions are compelling, and the lock icon intimates the high-security standards espoused.


The Evernote homepage does a good job of hinting at the company’s remarkable journey from a note app to an establishment offering a broad range of business solutions. Warm, earthy colors give rise to a calm, laid back atmosphere that makes the conversion pathways pop out. The one-step signup process via Google is an additional masterstroke.

Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services

The homepage, as well as the name and branding, make it easy to know that it is a pediatric services establishment in question. Homepage content contrasts beautifully with the background picture that features a bunch of happy, and healthy kids. Other services offered such as job search are highlighted with juxtaposed, easily digestible call-to-actions.

4 Rivers Smokehouse

With a captivating headline, 4 Rivers makes visitors eager to try out their offerings. The CTA menu button is centrally placed and highlighted in brown hence naturally drawing attention. Background photos are elegant, and the trendy parallax scrolling actualizes stylish navigation. It is a homepage that meets all the targets and goals set.

True Digital

True Digital’s homepage is particularly outstanding since it is heavily text oriented yet distinct and picturesque. A sightly “let’s make something extraordinary” headline inspires interest and scrolling down, one views the award-winning agency’s offerings and strongpoints. Colorful, fun and sophisticated, the page is a joy that doubtlessly drives conversions.


An embodiment of the graceful elegance of simplicity when well executed, the Sehsucht Homepage uses color to great effect in line with minimal content in the form of a concise headline “take my hand.” The headline, as well as image of two lightly touching, uplifted hands, are circumscribed rectangularly with the menu button on the right-hand side. The homepage clearly portrays the role of relevant art in powerfully passing across a message.


Basecamp manages to package its value proposition effectively while upholding visual appeal through fun, witty cartoons in its homepage. A quick scan of the page will enlighten you on what the company is all about and why you should choose its services. A testimonial snippet adds more weight to the offering, and a free trial CTA is included to net leads.


Techvalidate packs a lot of info on its homepage in a well-thought out fashion that makes it easy to digest and understand the who, what and why of the company. The contrasting hues and white spaces expertly draw attention to the right page sections thereby underscoring the customer focused nature of both the company and the site.

There are more excellent websites to draw inspiration and insight from, but the 13 above provide a nice cocktail of different design viewpoints to get you started. Of course, do not stop here – keep an open mind, and you will get great inspiration from likely as well as unlikely areas.