Creative/Arts Type with Administrative, Education & Board Experience

My background is mainly in The Arts. I have an extensive history as a professional musician and dancer, having toured for a large majority of my younger years. I have taught both music and dance classes for multiple corporate and independent studios/companies. I have a long history of choreography and songwriting. I’ve also served as a technical director in both fields, music and dance. For the past 12 years, I’ve been involved with the Macon Film Festival- serving on their Board of Directors for the past 5. We’ve been named in top ten lists of the “Coolest” and “Most Friendly” film festivals in the Country. I served as Chair of the Volunteer/Intern/Staffing committee, as well as a ranking member of the Marketing and Screening & Selections committees.

I also have a deep history in Administration and Marketing. I’ve worked in the Insurance industry as a Public Adjuster dealing mainly with property claims. I’ve also run a company in the roofing industry, processing and filing claims for insurance and warranty purposes. I have experience running all of the day to day operation for both contractor companies and medical offices. I’ve also done a large bit of marketing- writing copy for company advertisements, graphic design, writing and producing commercials (both TV and Radio), SMO, SEO, brand management, and press representation.

I’m a very quick study, and can learn new skills, systems, and operations in no time at all. I’m very open to learning and gaining extended knowledge through new responsibility. If you think you may have a position I’d be a good fit for, please contact me!
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