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When Cosplay Crosses the Line – When Cosplay Goes Wrong

When Cosplay Crosses the Line – When Cosplay Goes Wrong

In the world of Cosplay, things do sometimes go wrong. Some of the professional cosplayers claim that from time to time, they do receive harassing messaging in their inbox. In some cases, they will get harassed at conventions. However, many conventions that organize cosplay events, especially in the US, now have strict guidelines on how to behave. Those who do not follow these rules could be banned from all future cosplay events. Here are a few tips that we at MTG Lion have prepared on how to behave at cosplay events.

  • Ask for permission instead of forgiveness

If you want to take a picture of cosplayer, ask politely rather than trying to snap a picture of them covertly. If the cosplayer says no, do not try to sneak the picture anyway. Take no for an answer and move on. When you get permission, do not try to snap a picture of the cosplayer that focuses on a particular part of their body. Rather, take the photo of the whole person. Besides that, when taking a picture or getting something signed, keep your eyes on the face of the person with who you are speaking.

  • Think before asking

There is nothing wrong with asking cosplayers a few challenging questions to cosplayers at conventions as long as they are about content. However, asking cosplayers for hugs, kisses, or about their body, so that you can get to leer at them is not appropriate.

Cosplayers are artists who take a lot of time to come up with their costumes. If you want to compliment them, make the compliments about their skills, not their personal looks. Even when you find them quite attractive, a convention might not be the right place to do it. It can be quite insulting to the person to put in all the effort only to have their work ignored.

  • Respect personal space

Most Cosplay conventions are prone to various levels of space invasion. First in line is the convention floor. It is advisable to avoid lingering around the booths. Most dudes think that if they linger long enough around a booth, the Cosplay artist will fall for their propositioning.

The best way to go about it is to let the Cosplayer set the pose rather than moving as an opportunity to touch the cosplayer. Besides, the picture will come out better since the Cosplayer knows better how to pose for that character and you will not come off as creepy.

Another issue is approaching people in spaces where they are unable to move, which makes them feel uncomfortable. For instance, do not make a move at someone in a closed space such as an elevator. Additionally, avoid backing people up against a wall. It will only make people feel awkward. The best way to go about it is to stand next to someone and face in the same direction he or she is facing.

  • Be considerate of time

If you come across someone at the convention and they appear not to be interested in the conversation, do not monopolize their time. As much as it might be fun to meet fellow geeks, keep in mind that you do not have a right to anyone’s attention. Knowing when to exit gracefully from a conversation will not only help you come across as a better person, but it will also help you have some good memories instead of awkward endings.

  • Pay attention to signals that you get from people

In some cases, it can be hard to tell when to bow out of conversations. However, you can achieve this by looking at their eyes and sentence length. If the respondent appears to be enthusiastic and maintaining eye contact, you can proceed. However, if you appear to be doing most of the talking, the sentences are short, and the person appears to be scanning the room, it might be time to walk away.

  • Watch the drinking

A convention can feel like the best place to let go and have as many drinks as you want. While having a few drinks to loosen up is great, going past your limit is not recommended. It is only going to alienate you from your new friends and make it difficult for you to build a positive reputation with the people you meet. Jokes that appears harmless to you may actually be quite offensive to those around you.

Sexual harassment does not just affect those experience it; friends of the victim are also affected by it. There are measures you can take to ensure that it does not happen to those for whom you care. For instance, you can boycott any conventions that do not have a strict policy on sexual harassment. Besides that, you can educate yourself so that you know when you identify it. That way, you will not feel awful later because you know you could have done something about it.