Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Let’s Talk About It

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Let’s Talk About It

Technology has impacted lots of things, from science, sports, communication and many other fields. The world of business has also not been left behind with technology leading to businesses shifting from predominantly brick and mortar to online. This, as is covered in detail over at, has seen lots of online stores opening over the last couple of years, with ecommerce definitely on the rise. The rise of ecommerce has also been due to customer preferences with many folks preferring to shop online as it is convenient and the prices of products there are very competitive. This has contributed to making ecommerce a very lucrative field, with billions of dollars being transacted there. To get a piece of this particular pie, we have witnessed an increase in the number of people looking to open online stores. While there is lots of money to be made here, it also has its fair share of challenges. One of these challenges has to do with the fact that sometimes you may have lots of visitors to your online store but not enough sales. These are challenges with conversion rate and are quite a headache as far as online store owners are concerned. This article will look to try to help such owners out by taking a deeper look into conversion rate optimization, what it entails and how to leverage it.

Conversion rate optimization is important as it will help you as you attempt to convert as many of your site visitors as possible to buyers so that you can begin to see an efficiency as far as your marketing efforts are concerned. It is important to see that the effort and resources in terms of time and money you put into your marketing strategies is bearing fruit in terms of return on investment, ROI. It is therefore necessary sometimes to hire CRO experts such as those over at, to ensure that your conversion rates are as high as they should be. This is because the tweaks that are as a result of CRO have a big impact on profitability and it is therefore important to have people with pedigree and proven track record on the same; those that know what they are doing as well as best practices on the same to handle it. However, hiring of CRO experts for small businesses is not always possible, nor does it make sense. The good news is that there are a number of software out there that will come in handy for them as far as CRO is concerned such as Google Analytics among others.

There are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind when looking to perform CRO. These factors include traffic with an emphasis being placed on less traffic that converts well rather than more traffic that doesn’t, unique value proposition which is basically the reason why folks want to buy from you, the user experience and finally trust, with all these factors covered in detail over at It is also important to keep an eye on your value chain when coming up with a CRO strategy, which basically involves all the things about your business from where you source your products to customer service and everything in between such as pricing. You should also consider your site design and its impact on user experience and consequently its impact on conversion. When it comes to site design when doing CRO, you should take a look at such factors as the color scheme with an emphasis being put on the design of your site being clean and current. The site should have lots of “white Space” to make it easier to read and present products as well as having the right colors.

Other factors include making your site easy to use by ensuring it is mobile friendly, fast and easy to navigate as well as it having a quality search engine for when they need to search for a product. The site should also have key features such as image zoom, product filters, reviews, product descriptions, videos, live chats and so much more as covered over at You should also ensure that when it comes to your site, the checkout process is fast and easy to ensure your customers don’t get frustrated and hence abandon their carts. Also when doing CRO have a look at the trustworthiness of your site. This means that your site should have easy to find, working contact information, a solid privacy policy and a Terms of Service page, a clear and customer friendly return policy as well as a clear shipping policy. Having your checkout, or even your entire site on a Secure Socket Layer, SSL, is yet another way to inspire trust as is having your checkout PCI compliant if you accept credit cards.

You should also ensure that as you do CRO, you are always performing A/B testing for any changes you may want to make before rolling it out so that you ensure any changes you make are guaranteed to bear fruit. There is a lot more on CRO as well as a lot on other related topics to be found over at, so ensure you check them out.