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The first thing you need to consider when developing a plan for product photography is: how do you plan to use the images? Will you be running a full page ad in a high resolution glossy magazine? Will you be printing high resolution signage for your retail location? Do you need images for an online store? These are some common uses, but make no mistake; there is no end to how you might intend, or end up using your images.

Answering this end-game question is essential for you because it will inform what type of photography you require. If you only need low resolution images for a simple online store, there is no reason to sweat over every crease, every crevice, every reflection and so on. Many of these details are lost on the low-resolution end of web images.

If, however, you require a fine attention to detail for large scale prints, or high-resolution files for maximum zoom-in capabilities online, then you should understand that this type of work requires requires a much more advanced skill-set. Just because your eye is not yet developed to see these details at first glance, do not assume that your customers cannot. Minor imperfections add up to an underwhelming impression on savvy customers. Many times, this is unconscious. Many of us do not know why that shoe looks so much more appealing on Site A vs Site B, but our instincts do not lie. Like any craft, time x dedication = advancing skills.

Whether you require outstanding attention to detail or not, there’s a photographer Cairns for you that is able to help! They will fairly price your product shoot no matter which end of the spectrum you fall on. It’s important to get a good photographer to showcase your product as it could make or break your brand.