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10 Tips Data Science With Python
1024 670 Tony Guo

Data science is very reliant on software to achieve its objectives. Although the hardware on which the software runs dictates things like computing abilities and speed, data science is down…

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The need for data science in the modern day
1024 745 Tony Guo

What really is data science? The term data science gets thrown around a lot but what does it really mean? What is the need for data science? Why is it…

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Top 10 Tips on How Data Science Can Save Social Media
1024 658 Tony Guo

We all use social media to communicate, find products and services and connect with the world. To achieve all this, we provide data to the social media platforms and expect…

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Top 5 Programming Languages for Data Science
1024 665 Tony Guo

With the advent of AI and deep machine learning, data science has grown in popularity among the tech savvy and deservedly so. The future belongs to those who embrace data…

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Which is the better OS for data science? Linux or Windows?
1024 605 Tony Guo

The unending debate of what is the best OS for data science has finally came knocking on our doors here at Runrex and we thought it wise to address the…

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10 Tips for Getting a Data Science Job
1024 699 Tony Guo

The future belongs to data science and companies everywhere, are scrambling to get data scientists to analyze their raw data and use it to improve their products and service delivery.…

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How to be Successful with Snapchat Ads
1024 692 Tony Guo

How to be Successful with Snapchat Ads Snapchat, as is discussed on, is one of the big players when it comes to social media marketing. This owes a lot…

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Basics – Get Started with Google Ads
1024 657 Tony Guo

Basics – Get Started with Google Ads Google Ads work on the basis of cost-per-click. What this means is that advertisers and businesses only pay when people click on their…

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Why is Anime Popular: 10 Marketing Tips
649 464 Tony Guo

Why is Anime Popular: 10 Marketing Tips Anime has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, with the anime web extending its reach to virtually all corners…

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Can You Do PPC Without a Website in 2019?
525 317 Tony Guo

Can You Do PPC Without a Website in 2019? Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is one of the main modes to do online marketing out there right now, with there being a…

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