Can You Do Ecommerce on WordPress in 2019?

Can You Do Ecommerce on WordPress in 2019?

There can be no running away from technology for virtually all fields and industries, including in the business world. With the fact that almost everyone is online now, it has meant that most folks prefer to do most things online, including shopping, which is where ecommerce comes in. The convenience that shopping online brings has contributed greatly to its growth, which has meant that nearly half of interactions on the web has to do with ecommerce. It is no doubt that any business worth its salt should have an ecommerce platform to be competitive in the current business environment, as we have already seen businesses that are highly reliant on brick and mortar stores going out of business. Speaking of online platforms, the growth of WordPress has been so pronounced in recent years, so much so that it has become more than just the blogging site it was initially created as. In terms of ecommerce, it has become a very viable option to rival the various leading ecommerce platforms in the world right now. This article will look to explore just how one can be able to do ecommerce on WordPress in 2019.

There are a number of plugins you can make use of, once you have installed WordPress, which is the first thing you have to do before even thinking of setting up an ecommerce campaign there, with details on how you can go about getting set up on WordPress to be found on once you’ve done this, its time to take a look at one of the plugins you need to be conversant with, WooCommerce. This is arguably the most popular and well-known WordPress ecommerce plugins there is out there right now. The numbers don’t lie with the number of downloads of this plugin bearing the above fact out. It is one you can download if you want to do ecommerce on WordPress in 2019. Some of the advantages of making use of this plugin includes the fact that it comes with plenty a feature that should allow one to sell all sorts of products, from digital ones to physical ones and any others in between. The options that it opens up are plenty, from various payment options as well as shipping options. It is also quite easy to set it up. Some of its drawbacks however include the complexities ins setting up some of the security features like the SSL protocol, as well as some of the premium features are not free even though the plugin itself is free.

Another avenue you can look to explore if you are looking to do some ecommerce on WordPress in 2019 is through iThemes Exchange. The fact that it is a product of WordPress is great as it means right of the bat you will find it as a free version inside the WordPress directory itself. This means that, without having to pay up to get it, you can immediately start using it to create your own online shop. Its yet another one, just like WooCommerce above, that is easy to set up which is great news for those new to this platform. It also has a lot of useful advancement features, including one that is quite great when looking to build membership sites. However, one of the drawbacks just as WooCommerce above, is that while the free version is pretty easy to set up, the advanced features are not free and one has to pay in order to get them. It is also quite new and with that comes the problem of having limited specialized themes.

Another option that is available to those looking to do ecommerce on WordPress in 2019 is the one provided by Pippin’s Plugins, known as Easy Digital Downloads. It is one that is meant to enable one to sell digital goods, which means one can’t sell physical goods through it, as is discussed on What this means is that if you are looking to sell eBooks, software and other digital goods, then this platform is the one for you. It is also worth noting that, like the above discussed products, Easy Digital Downloads has a free version that is easy to find and install. Given that it deals with digital goods only, it is very lightweight which means that it integrates flawlessly with WordPress. It also provides multiple payment options, the ability to make multiple downloads and purchases of products among many other features that come in handy when using it. As far as cons are concerned, there aren’t many but one of them is that it can get quite complex especially when one is looking to make it fit their existing theme. It is also made purely for digital products which means that for those already using it, if they want to move to physical goods down the line then their hands will be tied somehow.

There are lots of other methods and plugins that should enable one to do some ecommerce on WordPress in 2019, all of which you can learn about by checking out

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