Can You Do Ecommerce on Wix in 2019?

Can You Do Ecommerce on Wix in 2019?

The business world is slowly but sure moving away from the ear of the brick and mortar store to the one of the online stores, with the change only bound to accelerated in the coming years as technology improves. Ecommerce has gone from something that people and businesses were mocked for setting up to one which people and businesses have to set up now if they are to stay alive in a very competitive business climate. As far as that goes, setting up that is, there are a number of avenues and platforms one can turn to if they are looking to get into the ecommerce action. One of those avenues that are there to explore is one that is an unlikely one in Wix. This is because while it is a great cloud-based web development platform, it is not one that immediately comes to mind when one is looking to set up an ecommerce campaign. The simple answer as to whether one can be able to do ecommerce on Wix in 2019 is a resounding yes, and this article will look to articulate just how one can be able to do it.

The first thing we have to take a look at when looking to do some ecommerce on Wix in 2019 is how one can get started. Well, to get started one has to open a Wix online store, with more on the same to be found on, with the experts over there recommending that one takes up the free plan option. As its name suggests, it is indeed free and what is more, one doesn’t need have any software installed on their computer. All you have to do is start the download on your browser and let everything take its course, which is great news to folks that may not be tech savvy. You should keep in mind that Wix ecommerce is meant for small to mid-sized stores. This is why it is so popular as it is a great way for these smaller sized businesses to get into their teeth into some ecommerce action, and compete in a world that has previously been thought to belong to bigger businesses. Installing the free version of the Wix online store is useful as it enables you to get acclimatized with the platform and put in your preferred settings, even though you won’t be able to sell anything with the free version.

While in the settings tab, it is important to check out and put in your tax and shipping rates, which can include real time shipping rate, depending on which sate you are from given it’s a feature that doesn’t cover the whole of the US. It is also important to note the different payment options that Wix ecommerce provides for one’s customers, which are offline payments such as cash, PayPal as well as the credit card option. The good thing about Wix ecommerce is that they don’t charge additional transaction fees, something that businesses here welcome with open arms. Once you have everything set as you would like, including all settings, the platform allows one to make a test purchase in order to be able to see if everything is in order and is working the way you want it to. Some of the features that come with the platform include an app that allows one to include add-ons as well as other things such as receipts and forms. The drag and drop interface that Wix is known for also means that it is quite easy for beginners to work within the platform.

Remember, you will need to pay up if you want to make sales with Wix ecommerce. The good news however is that, in keeping with what you should expect from a platform for small and medium-sized businesses, it is quite affordable as it costs only $20 per month. You can decide to take up the VIP plan which comes with an additional 10 email marketing campaigns every month, with the advantages of email marketing having been clearly articulated on There are lots of features one can choose, according to how they have structured their ecommerce plan. Remember to also make use of the Wix App Market to find features that may not be on the editor itself. On the app market there lots of apps that will add so much to your ecommerce store, with features such as a telephone call button, live chat option among many others. These features allow for greater interaction between you and your customers and will, among other advantages, help build loyalty between your ecommerce store and your customers. For the money it costs, Wix ecommerce is definitely worth it and one that you should consider getting into in 2019.

The above discussion affirms that one can indeed be able to make use of Wix to do ecommerce in 2019, with more on the same to be found on so check it out.

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