Can You do Ecommerce on Squarespace in 2019?

Can You do Ecommerce on Squarespace in 2019?

With the online movement well and truly on, and with the number of people with a smartphone and with access to internet growing, all over the world, it is no surprise that there is a new war front opening up when it comes to the business world. This is in terms of ecommerce and to show how much of an effect it has had over the last couple of years, one only needs to take a look at the stories, especially last year, of how many brick and mortar stores were on the verge of if not closing down all together. The message has been clear for a while, that if as a business you don’t have any presence as far as ecommerce goes, then you will be in trouble sooner or later as it will be difficult to be able to compete with your contemporaries who already have ecommerce stores. The good news is that there are a number of options to explore for those looking to go into some ecommerce action. However, is Squarespace one of these options? Well, this article will look to get into this discussion and look to answer this question.

Well, the simple answer for the above question is a resounding yes, one can indeed be able to do ecommerce on Squarespace in 2019. The next question that now needs answering is how one can be able to do this. Another simple answer to this second question is through Squarespace ecommerce, which is Squarespace’s primary ecommerce package. It is known as being ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and has a lot of useful features, with the number of features increasing with every new update. Another thing worth pointing out about Squarespace is that it supports an unlimited number of products and transactions and that, as is discussed on, it has features and tools that helps integrate regular businesses and personal sites to the ecommerce platform. Some of the key features that Squarespace ecommerce comes with include SSL security which is important for any ecommerce platform in making customers feel and be secure as they transact, free domains, real-time carrier shipping which is another great and popular feature, as is the abandoned cart recovery feature which is also available here, and many other features that enhance this ecommerce platform.

Another con as far as doing ecommerce on Squarespace in 2019 has to do with how easy it is to use it, given how straightforward it is to build an online store with Squarespace ecommerce. This has to do with how clean the dashboard is with the menu tab being very self-explanatory making it easy for one to jump from one page to the next. This means that if you are looking check out your inventory then after that add a discount, then navigating from the pages involved with the aforementioned is pretty much as straight forward as it comes. It is indeed one of the easiest interfaces to navigate, especially when compared to competing ecommerce platforms such as the much-vaunted Shopify. It is also quite easy to customize elements on your template which is another great thing about Squarespace ecommerce. The only con as far as the aforementioned is concerned is that one is not able to customize a too much as far as the Squarespace theme goes without making use of some custom coding. Even though the editor isn’t of drag and drop architecture like say the one on Wix ecommerce, it is still easy enough to handle for beginners given its straightforward nature.

The next thing we are going to look at has to do with the payment options, which have improved greatly from the days when one had to make use of Squarespace Commerce to make any online payments. As far as payments go, there is a monthly fee that is some $12 for personal accounts and $18 for business accounts which is quite fair on the main. The business account comes with a fully integrated ecommerce store with promotional pop-ups, Google AdWords credits and Google email accounts thrown into the mix. For full ecommerce support, you can opt for a regular Squarespace Commerce plan which has two options, the basic option which goes for $26 per month and the advanced option which goes for $40 per month. These options come with no transaction fees making that little bit extra you have to pay worth it, and they come with the full features that you would expect from an ecommerce store. As is discussed by the industry experts over at, that while Squarespace might seem a bit expensive, the features that comes with it make it to be very much worth the outlay.

There are lots to discuss about Squarespace as an ecommerce platform, with more on the same to be found on, but what is clear is that one can definitely do ecommerce on Squarespace in 2019. 

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