Can Patent Attorneys Work from Home 2019

Can Patent Attorneys Work from Home 2019

The advancement of technology in recent years has come with it a lot of benefits, one of them being the way it has made it easy for folks to come up with new inventions. Coming up with new inventions is becoming important in the current business environment if businesses are to stay ahead of the curve and beat out their competition. It is therefore important for inventors to be able to protect their inventions from being stolen once they have come up with them. This is where patent attorneys come into play. The remit of patent lawyers is to work with inventors and help them protect their intellectual property. This involves helping them file for and acquire patents as well as represent them in court if and when any challenges surrounding the patent arises. Patent attorneys, like most professionals, are usually found working from their office in firms. However, in recent times, especially going into 2019, we need to explore whether they can wok from home as well. This article will look to do just that.

One thing that should enable patent attorneys to work from home, especially going into 2019, is the fact that a bulk of their work can be done from the comfort of their homes without having to work in an office. Work surrounding aspects of the job like the search process that is an important part of filling for patents, the drafting process, other things like invention harvesting among others can be done from home. All one needs is a computer or laptop and a reliable internet connection. Most firms also have excellent document management systems, set up with the help of experts such as those over at, which means that one can be able to access one’s documents remotely at home. This has enabled patent attorneys to be able to work more comfortably from home, given the hustle that was previously there where one had to contemplate carrying mountains and mountains of documents from the office if one wanted to work at home has now been eliminated with the integration of these document management systems. Having a good computer and laptop, with adequate internet connectivity is something that should enable any patent attorney to work from home especially as we go into 2019.

The fact that other aspects of the job description of a patent attorney, like say replying to office actions, payments among others, can also be done from home makes it a lot easier for any patent attorney to work from home going into 2019. With the help of the financial department of the firm, you can be able to receive payments and process any related issues from home although you need to be careful as the fiscal side of any business is one of its most sensitive. The correspondence and any back and forth with clients can also be done from home which should make it even more possible for a patent attorney to work from home going in 2019. This correspondence can be done through conference calls, skype meetings as well as old fashioned email correspondence among many other avenues. However very now and then, you will still need to go out and meet with your clients as correspondence through the previously discussed avenues are not always enough and can’t make up for good old fashioned face-to-face. However, what this means is that a patent attorney should be able to find it easy to work from home especially in 2019.

As is discussed by the experts over at, most clients seem to prefer to work with patent attorneys working from home than those working from their office. This is because most clients prefer the more personal attention that patent attorneys working from home are able to offer them as opposed to those working off of offices who have to deal with multiple clients walking into the firm daily. Clients also prefer meeting up out of the office which is a more relaxed and pressure-free environment as opposed to the firm’s office. This makes working from home for patent attorneys to be attractive, a trend that is sure to carry on in 2019. For those looking to strike it out on their own, and aren’t looking to work for a big firm, then it is much more attractive to work from home. This also helps save costs as far as finding and office is concerned which is yet another incentive for a patent attorney to work from home in 2019. It also doesn’t make any sense to rent an office if you are a patent attorney that is only focused on filling of patents and not into the litigation part of it. In this case it makes sense to work from home, and leave the big litigation cases to big patent firms.

From the foregoing discussion, it is clear that patent attorneys can work from home especially in 2019, with more on this and other topics to be found on

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