Can Patent Attorney Steal My Idea in 2019

Can Patent Attorney Steal My Idea in 2019

There is nothing better than identifying a gap in market or field and filling it with your own novel invention. That light bulb moment when one realizes they may have struck gold and they may have come up with an invention, brings about a feeling like no other according to testimonials from people who have been in such situations are concerned. The last couple of years have seen an increase in the number of inventions especially in the tech industry. This has been mostly down to the advancements and developments in technology in recent years that has been there for all to see. After all the hard work that goes into coming up with an invention, it is therefore important to ensure that you protect your invention and can thus be able to reap the rewards from their hard work. This is where patent attorneys come into play as they are the ones that are tasked with the task of helping protect the intellectual property of inventors. There are those however who may be reluctant to put their inventions in the hands of patent attorneys with the fear that their idea may be stolen. However, is this scenario possible? Well, this article will look to look into this in detail.

First off, straight off the bat, it is important to mention that, as it comes out quite clearly on discussions from, bar rules as well as state laws have provisions that account for this and are in place to prevent attorneys from stealing ideas from their clients. Once a patent attorney starts working on an invention for a client, they are immediately placed under an automatic non-discloser agreement that bars them from leaking any information about the invention. Invention assignment agreements are also in place in order to guard from the prospect of attorneys ever stealing an inventor’s idea, especially in 2019. The very real threat of litigation that hangs over the heads of any attorney that ever looks to steal the idea of a client is yet another thing that should help prevent this situation from arising. Those thinking of stealing an idea stand to lose their law license as well as the reclamation of any money they may have made from the idea among other fees.

As discussed above, state laws are also in place to ensure that patent attorneys are left in no doubt that stealing of a client’s idea comes with very punitive consequences. These state laws range from the business and professionals code of conduct to the state bar rules among many others that are covered in greater detail on All these state laws provide wholesome cover for inventors as they are not only in place to prevent patent attorneys from stealing inventor’s ideas, but they are also in place to prevent them from leaking and disclosing any details about the patent, and by extension the inventor’s idea, before the patent is published. One thing that most inventors fear is a patent attorney having other clients with similar ideas and inventions and sharing one’s ideas with the other clients. That is where the aforementioned non-disclosure agreement comes into play and patent attorneys are required to work ethically and within the boundaries of the law.

Having stated above some of the safeguards that are in place to guard from the possibility of an attorney stealing a client’s idea, it is also important to note some of the things one can do to prevent this possibility even more. Always record your ideas and have witnesses sign on these ideas to prove that you are the one who came up with the idea in case your patent attorney decides to steal it. Another thing that the good folks over at advise inventors to do is always look to get a provisional patent. This is quite straight forward and easy to get and doesn’t even require a patent attorney to help file for it. This will enable you to have some protection as far as your idea is concerned once you enlist the services of a patent attorney to help with a patent. It will allow you to classify your idea and invention as being “patent pending” which is a nice little safety net to have and one that will help prevent the eventuality of a patent attorney stealing your idea in 2019. The above things are just some of the things you can look to do if you feel like there is a possibility of a patent attorney stealing your idea especially in 2019.

All in all, patent attorneys stealing ideas from clients is an occurrence that is rarely seen. This has to do with the professional manner patent attorneys are required to carry themselves in. There are however laws and legislation that prevents the same from happening as is discussed above. All in all, it is quite rare that a patent attorney will still a client’s idea but if it happens one can always report it and let the law go its full course. There is more on the same and other topics to be found on, so ensure you check it out.

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