Business Owners – I will HELP Accelerate your Business

We provide custom resumes for everyone from the new graduate to the highly experienced professional. The Writing Genius is known for being the expert in designing and editing effective resumes that are industry specific. We use sophisticated formatting and SEO techniques to ensure our clients make the shortlist! We are dedicated to results.

Services Include:

Professional Resumes
Government Resumes
Cover Letters
Business Plans & Proposals
LinkedIn Profiles & Enhancements
Essays & Term Papers
Business/Marketing Projects
Proofreading & Editing
Web Content Creation
Career Consulting (included w/purchase of another service)

As a small business owner myself (besides web design), I can attest to the important of having
an online presence!

Stemming beyond your first website, we can take it and turn it into a valuable asset that will earn you more money via SEO and Social Media!

We work with you and your businesses unique needs to plan, design, and develop websites and applications which help drive more business. You get the experience of skilled designers for a beautiful look, but also the experience in user interaction to develop a site or application which drives conversions and is a breeze for your potential customers to use. At the end of the day your website is a marketing tool, and we believe that a pretty look is not all it takes to convert visitors into customers.

A sample of our services include:

-Web Design
-Web Development
-Application Develop
-Mobile App Design
-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
-Social Media Marketing
-Internet Marketing

If you’re interested in learning how we can help your business succeed online get in contact today.

All your website and graphic art needs. Affordable, professional and on-time.

Graphic & Web Site Design
User Interface Design
Branding & Logo Design
Static & Interactive Digital Marketing
Web Development
Christmas Cards
Birthday Cards

We build Affordable Local Lead Generating websites for All Kinds of Small Businesses.
You must have one to dominate your market,
We also offer SEO for your website.
Ask for An Evaluation of your current site.
Most people know the common methods of Generating Online Leads, I Specialize in the Unknown. Average results yield 1-10 or More Calls per day.
There is ONLY one of me! I promise you, you will not find anyone of
my skill! There is NOT anyone as skilled as me. How do I know?
Because of the businesses and individuals I have communicated with,
I have not heard anyone even close to my skill level on the internet.

Most businesses have NO idea how to utilize the internet to help them gain
more business to their website or blog. If you are a business and have a
website and/or blog, I can help you! If you don’t well, I am an internet
person and help businesses who have websites gain more business.

Most businesses who have websites have NO clue how to expand their
business with their website. There are things you probably don’t even know
about to help you gain traffic to your website.

With your website, do you add new content regularly? If you add new
content regularly, do you use SEO content? If you use Google any time
to search things personally or for your business, I am sure you should be
able to figure out based on your search tactics whether or not a person
will find your website.

I would bet MOST people who have a website and do not add new content
to their website are probably hardly getting any traffic. Not sure or doubt
me? Go check your site statistics right now and you will see I am right!

There are so many ways you can can more traffic to your website without
paying for advertising or Google Adwords. Some businesses have no patience
or are completely clueless and will spend hundreds or thousands per
month thinking Adwords and/or paying for sponsored listings or advertising
is the ONLY way to get traffic! What happens when you stop paying for
Adwords or advertising? YES, the traffic will stop!

What happens when you have regular consistent content / SEO content
being added to your website/blog? Your ranking will improve and your
traffic will improve organically.

CONTENT is KEY – Do you utilize it with your website or blog?

What about getting your business listed in directories? What about social media?
Social media is absolutely key to the growth of any business aside
from content. Did you know that?

If you are interested in growing your business and taking it to a
higher level online, I can help you with content, SEO content, social media
set up and/or management and business directory listings.