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How to Build a Deck in magic the Gathering – 10 Tips

How to Build a Deck in magic the Gathering – 10 Tips

Building a Magic the Gathering deck the right way will ensure that you always come out on top. However, not everyone can build the perfect deck. It is especially so if you are new to magic. That is why we at MTG Lion have decided to come up with some useful tips on how to build your deck.

Decide if you even want to build a deck

Before you start building your deck, play the game at least 20 times. It will help you decide whether you want to spend money on a deck. It can be quite unfortunate to build a deck and then never play the game again. Deck building can be expensive and it is important to decide you enjoy the game first.

Pick your strategy

A strategy will determine how you build your deck. A common strategy used by MTG players is ruthless aggression. The strategy also called agro, entails relentlessly attacking your opponent until you deplete their 20 life in the early phase of the game. To achieve this, you will need to fill your deck with low-cost creatures. This maximizes the chance that you can cast one at each turn. You can also combine with a few spells to help clear a path for you by destroying your opponent’s creatures.

Always have about 10 early game cards

If you get behind early in the game, it will be hard to recover later in the game. That means you should have about 10 low-cost cards to get started. Ideally, this card should cost about 1-2 life. In most cases, these cards are creatures or spells that help to get rid of your opponent’s creatures.

Pick the colors

Before you start building your deck, you need to decide the colors you like and the cards you love playing most. In most cases, the colors will pick themselves when you decide what types of cards you like in a deck. Get to learn more about colors if you are new to Magic.

Never be afraid to build a top deck

If you have decided that you love Magic, do not be afraid to go all out. Take time to come up with a high-quality deck filled with all the top cards. This way, you can always win at top competitions. Even if the deck itself will not help you win, having a top deck, which you can train with, will help you boost your skills over time.

Keep close to 60 on your deck

It can be tempting to fill your deck with as many cards as possible. However, the more cards you have over 60, the less likely it is that you will draw any particular card. It makes it harder to see important cards that you need to win a game in good time. Besides that, it will make it harder for you to make the right decisions during a game.

Look at the cards your friends have

Try to look at around 500 cards from both you and your friends. This will give you around the idea of what it is that you must work with. This is better than trying to go out there and purchase every card out there. You should especially focus on decks of those friends who have emerged victorious at various tournaments.

Understand deck building rules

The game mechanics in Magic can be quite complex. No doubt, experienced players will know how to bend the rules to favor them. If you do not have an in-depth understanding of the MTG rules, you will not make it far. For one, you could spend hours coming up with a deck only to later find out it does not even work. Take time and actually study all the deck-building rules in Magic.

Understand the Mana costs

The more mana a card costs, the more powerful it is. However, it also means that you will not be able to use it until later in the game. For instance, if a card costs 6 life, it means you will not be able to use it until the sixth turn. During this time, your friends will be strategically casting creatures and spells to destroy you. Thus, take time to check each card carefully to avoid being potentially cripple early in the game.

Have 5 to 10 late game cards

You need to have some powerful late game cards in your deck. Even when you came up with the deck in a hurry, a few powerful cards towards the end of the game will change things fundamentally for you. Ensure that it is something aggressive enough so that it could potentially cripple your opponent.


These tips should suffice for any newbie trying to build their deck. You can also ask your friends online about what they think of a potential deck you are building.