Bridging the Gap Between Amazon PPC and Google AdWords

Gone are the days when Google was the only go to resource in finding products and services- nowadays social media platforms and ecommerce platforms have caught up and they are changing the marketing world completely. One aspect of marketing that has been adopted in all the above mentioned platforms is sponsored ads and today, our focus in on Google Adwords and Amazon PPC.

Amazon PPC and Google Adwords work on pretty much the same premise despite a few differences here and there. In this blog post, we will be looking at some of the notable differences between the two marketing strategies and ways through which the gap between the two can be bridged to.

Amazon PPC vs Google Adwords (Differences )

1. Goal of Paid Ad

Whereas Google Adwords could be advertising a service, information or some sort of sign up program, Amazon PPC is purely for selling products. It can therefore be concluded that Amazon PPC is more profit oriented than Google Adwords.

2. Ad Stat Reports

Comparatively, Google provides quicker feedback than Amazon but the latter can be excused and here is why; sometimes, buyers click on ads on Amazon but they end up buying the item days later. As such, Amazon tends to delay the reports for them to track the progress of the ad and give the most accurate feedback to whoever placed the ad.

3. Effectiveness of auto campaigns

If you have background knowledge in Google Adwords, then you can easily conclude that auto campaigns on Google are not as effective. On the other hand, the auto campaigns seem to work effectively well on Amazon. If run simultaneously with manual campaigns, then auto campaigns can provide very important data on keywords which will be utilized in manual campaigns.

4. Bids

Google offers more flexibility on the type of bids compared to Amazon. Adwords accommodates a number of keyword types such as the negative broad keywords and modified broad keywords which are not present in Amazon.

5. Conversion rates

Amazon PPC has far better conversion rates than Google Adwords. Whereas people use the search engine when they are still in the research phase of buying a product, most people tend to do a product search on Amazon and end up buying the item. As such, the conversion rates on Amazon are almost double those on Google Adwords.

6. Landing pages

Whereas Google Adwords will take you to a landing page which is the advertiser’s website, Amazon PPC will never take you off Amazon. All the ads lead to a seller’s page and you will never find yourself in some weird website.


Both Based on CPC

Despite their apparent differences, the two marketing models are based on the same premise. They are based off CPC and the advertiser pays to get their products out there.

Both are triggered by keywords. Keyword Match types are also identical

Both Adwords and Amazon PPC are triggered and run on keywords. It is also important to note that keyword match types on both Google and Amazon are the same and they share terms such as broad match, phrase match and exact match.

Both Ads displayed before organic listings

In a bid to give competitive edge to those willing to pay, both Google and Amazon display ads before organic listings.

Similar keyword bidding model

The bidding model in both Google and Amazon, is the same. There is assisted bidding, automated bidding and manual bidding in all the three platforms.

Metrics used for ranking

The metrics used for ranking on both platforms, are also the same. This includes the click through rate, conversion rates and overall sales.


So, there you have it, the differences and similarities between Google Adwords and Amazon PPC. Despite the few differences, it is evident that there are very many similarities and knowledge in either of the two platforms, can be used to up-level knowledge in the other.

You only need to understand that the two platforms have different end motives and they fall in different funnel levels. Whereas Amazon PPC is focussed on selling a product, Google Adwords are could be just promoting a service or even a subscription to a given platform. On funnel levels, Google is higher in that people use it to research for products while Amazon is purely used for product search hence the better conversion rates.

Although Google is still king in terms of searches and advertising, Amazon is quickly catching up and will completely overthrow Google in product searches in the next few years. A lot of sellers and vendors are absorbing Amazon PPC and in the next ten years, people will no longer be looking for products on Google.

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